LOTL Winter 2018

This exhibition is a timeline of lesbian representation and reporting by the long-running, lesbian-owned and staffed publication Lesbians on the Loose, now known as LOTL and an international online podcast.

Published for more than 30 years, it was started by Frances Rand and Jackie Sherer.

It has covered political and social change since 1990, including the coming out stories of the local and the famous, and topics such as parenting, adoption, IVF, breast cancer, and other important issues from a lesbian perspective.

It has also celebrated lesbian events and the rise of drag king culture, First Nations stories, representation on television, and the ways lesbians adopt and shape certain aspects of popular culture – from trips to IKEA and Bunnings to the perfect haircut.

From the every day to the enormous upheavals and legal changes that have impacted Queer lives, LOTL has shared the story, allowing us to showcase a series of covers across its history alongside access to the complete LOTL archive.

The publication has played a crucial role in the lesbian community, providing a platform for sharing stories, experiences, and activism.

It continues to evolve and adapt to its readership’s changing times and needs, including its regular podcast.

The exhibition features interviews with Sylvia Kinder, Gail Hewison, Robyn Plaister, and Elizabeth Ashburn, featured in an article for the 2018 Winter edition called “National Treasures—portraits of senior women from our community.”

The images are by Photographer Richard Hedger, a compilation of portraits of significant women over 65. 

 Watch the exclusive interviews from our National Treasures Series.





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