HauteButchMasculine clothing is designed to fit a woman’s figure.

Shopping for clothes can sometimes be a daunting and emotional experience for lesbians, particularly those of us who identify as androgynous, butch or trans. Spending what feels like an eternity in the men’s department attempting to make the clothes we love fit the figure of a woman can result in us leaving empty-handed or purchasing something we truly don’t feel comfortable in. The clothing brand HauteButch (hautebutch.com) has made the shopping experience a little easier by creating a revolutionary line of quality, trendy clothes that fit the curves of a woman, yet keep the masculine look so many of us are searching for.

“Many butch women relate closely to menswear and are often frustrated by the lack of fitted, stylish clothing and the limited choices that promote a feeling of confidence and power,” says HauteButch founder Karen Roberts.

HauteButch has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help with producing the 2015 collection. The campaign goal of $20,000 will bring the new styles of the season to life by helping purchase raw materials, manufacturing, photo shoots, shipping, and logistics.  Depending on the amount you pledge, you will receive rewards ranging from a wooden tie clip, T-shirts or even a pair of shoes.

“We are so excited to bring the 2015 Collection to our community. Please back us, or help us spread the word, so that we can continue to provide quality menswear-inspired alternatives to women and transmen worldwide.”

Support the campaign here:  HauteButch Kickstarter