Androswag fashion modelEnter Androswag, a new Melbourne based androgynous clothing company that is taking a new direction in modern-day urban wear.

Co-founders Cass and Jordy are designing comfortable fits without gender divisions.

Finding the perfect fit in clothing is a common annoyance shared amongst everyone. Adding to the struggle to find comfortable clothes is the fact that the majority of stores continue to cater for gender norms.

Cass and Jordy started with one simple concept when so many girls are wearing what is traditionally known as “dude’s clothes”, why are we still required to shop, online or retail, in areas that aren’t targeted toward us?

Cass says this has been the story of her life. Since childhood, she’s battled the struggle of uncomfortably shopping in the men’s section, the stigma and judgments, and not being able to find clothes that fit.

She says that she was made to feel “like shopping for “boy’s clothes” was something “Young ladies shouldn’t do.”

Cass and Jordy decided to launch Androswag after discovering that Australia did not have a clothing company that caters to people with a tomboy non-conforming style.

 “I think clothes are the chosen skins you wear.” Cass says adding that clothes tie in with a sense of identity, being the first representation the world sees.  “There’s a personal element involved here. This is, basically, why do we need to buy ‘men’s? Why are men’s and women’s even segregated? Where’s the middle line for those who ride the spectrum? And why shouldn’t we have a brand to call our own?”

Androswag fashion modelAndroswag aims to provide styles and sizing that are relevant to all bodies whilst modelling the garments on both female and male models.  To achieve these androgynous styles while maintaining a simple sizing chart, Cass and Jordy have sourced specific suppliers to help create pieces that fit a woman’s body without the garments sticking in places many women feel uncomfortable having accentuated.

The garments offer a variety of designs to choose from. The idea of androgyny and equality amongst gender inspired Cass and Jordy and they wanted these concepts and definitions reflected on Androswag’s clothing.

 “We had a look around at brands we loved and decided to take inspiration from them, create our own line, and provide tomboy fits.” Cass says.

The company is extremely supportive of the LGBT community and always looking for ways to become involved with LGBT organisations around the country and welcome any information on upcoming events that Androswag might participate in. Recently, Jordy and Cass worked with The Girlfriend Society/Lick Entertainment to put together a clothing launch.

“It was indescribably humbling having people approach us and thank us for helping spread the ideal of gender non-conformity, in providing an alternative for the alternative,” Cass says about the launch.

Cass added that being a lesbian herself, she would like to see a clothing brand that is Australian-made, owned, and unapologetically gay. Highlighting that Australia continues to lack equal rights for the LGBT community, Cass believes that, “We should have a label that represents and expresses our sexuality and gender-fluid pride, with class and style.”

Currently, Androswag garments are only available online, but Cass and Jordy are looking towards the future with the possibility of a retail store. In the meantime, they have received offers from buyers to stock Androswag items, a move that is encouraging for the future of the company.

The next range of designs will work with curved cuts, more creative prints and edgier styles, really allowing Androswag to play around with androgyny.

With so many styles to create, the future of Androswag is limitless.