A gallery is exposing the experience of gender diverse people in Brisbane.

Transforming Pixels is a photographic project which explores the experience of transgender and gender diverse people living in Brisbane. The exhibit will open on Monday September 5th at Raw Gallery in Brisbane and run until October 2nd 2011.Transforming Pixels is a collaboration between Brisbane based arts organisation Contact Inc. and social justice photographer Melly Nioktakis. Niotakis and Artistic Director Lenine Bourke designed an eight week workshop program to engage community members in a photography education course. Bourke said, “This is a unique and exciting project both in terms of Contemporary Art and also as an awareness raising project, I think the first of its kind for Brisbane.” Ten participants developed technical photography skills to share their lived experiences of being either transgender or gender diverse. Melly Niotakis said, “The work you see in the public exhibition is thoughtful, imaginative, heartbreaking, local, serious, moody, hilarious, sexy, pissed off, celebratory and most importantly – makes us visible.”Transforming Pixels will also be shown at the Gender Festival in September 2011 in Philadelphia.For more information click here.