In an industry dominated by male influence, only the toughest, edgiest and most prolific female street artists have a voice.

With the launch of new collaborative initiative, the Stayfly Sydney Block Party, all that is about to change.
A battalion of fierce female street artists are carving out a space for themselves – a movement within a movement – and they are set to launch their first strike on the street art boys’ club at an exhibition and party on Friday 20 September at aMBUSH Gallery.
The exhibition will feature works by both local and international female artists, with particular focus on our Australian heroines including Ala Paredes, Alexandra Lederman, Alisha Hinds, Amy Sutho, Atong Atem, Averie Harvey, Ayla the Caveman, Evah, Gunnzel, Josephine Tesauro, Ksenia Ishenko, Ladie Killerz  Crew, LadyJ, Lotte Smith, L'Ove Ariel, Maiden, Meghan Byrne, Nikki Vajjas, Opals, Rebecca Murphy, Sally Gottlieb, Sarah Musa, Sear, Zeke's Lunchbox +Underground Appearance M.I.D
International artists and crews include Dani Dillinger (UK), F.E.M. WRS (USA), Gurls Love Vandal crew (Colombia), HeLa Xact Art (USA), Ladies In Da Game Crew (Poland), Maybe (France), Pam Photos (Italy) and Pekoe (UK).
However, the Stayfly Sydney Block Party is more than just an art exhibition. The event is an all encompassing urban experience, headlined by female hip-hop artists Coda Conduct, Dawn Laird, Femecee, DJ LouLou, Ines, MC Thorn, Mirrah Reflect, Sarah Connor, Shereene, Thraxxy Harlem and Vcee.
The Block Party marks the launch of a new community of passionate women who are defining the girls’ corner of the urban movement and exploring Sydney’s potential as a canvas for like-minded ladies.
Join aMBUSH Gallery this Friday from 5-10pm to welcome Stayfly to the Sydney scene. ComplimentaryMountain Goat Beer and Alibi American Whiskey will be served on the night.
Exhibition continues Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 September from 10am-6pm.