Jane Cavanough Workshop - jane cavanough
Jane Cavanough, in her Workshop

Sydney’s vibrant art scene is set to embrace the innovative works of Jane Cavanough, a distinguished artist with a unique blend of expertise in Landscape Architecture and Visual Arts.

Cavanough, a Churchill Fellowship recipient, has been a pivotal figure in public art, contributing to the winning designs of international and invitational competitions.

As the Director of Artlandish Art and Design, Cavanough’s creations are a testament to her ability to harmonize classic elegance with modern interactivity. Her site-specific installations are visually striking and engineered for longevity and minimal upkeep, ensuring their allure endures through time.

Cavanough’s approach is deeply collaborative. She works closely with local and state governments, developers like Urban Growth NSW, and esteemed entities like Centennial Parklands. Her involvement spans the entire creative process, from the initial concept to the meticulous documentation, ensuring each piece resonates with its intended environment and audience.

Jane Cavanough’s artistic prowess extends beyond her public installations into commemorative art. Her submission for the memorial at Marks Park was a profound tribute to the victims and survivors of anti-gay and transgender violence.  Her concept utilized LGBTQI symbols such as the triangle and the rainbow flag, transforming the negative connotations of the pink triangle from the Nazi era into a positive emblem of gay rights activism. The design aimed to evoke sensuality, colour, and movement while incorporating quotes from Justice Kirby and Sue Thompson about the murders, thus creating a space honouring the past and inspiring hope for the future.

Despite her innovative approach and extensive experience, Jane Cavanough’s submission for the memorial at Marks Park was not selected; however, her dedication to public art continues to inspire and shape the landscape of urban design.

Her contributions to the urban landscape are significant, with artworks enhancing playgrounds, defining public spaces, guiding visitors with wayfinding, and commemorating history through memorials.

Cavanough’s work will be featured this May at The Other Art Fair in Sydney, an event renowned for celebrating independent artists and their boundary-pushing creations. The fair at the White Bay Cruise Terminal from May 16-19 promises an immersive experience with installations, performances, and workshops.

Art enthusiasts and collectors will have the opportunity to witness firsthand the captivating fusion of landscape and artistry that Cavanough brings to life.

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