LUSH Launches A Nation-Wide Barrage On Parliament
LUSH Launches A Nation-Wide Barrage On Parliament

The cosmetic chain LUSH is mobilising a campaign to pressure the marriage equality free vote.

Ever on our side, supporting the marriage equality cause, LUSH is rallying its staff members across Australia to engage with their customers in the conversation in a bid to pressure parliament to pass a free vote when it resumes on August 8th.

Not only will staff members be fostering the conversation, they are also set to hand out personalised postcards to send to area respective MPs to increase the pressure.

LUSH have also popped a link on their website to a page that will generate the phone number to your local MP with a few details from you. It also gives you a great walk-through of how to approach the phone call. You can access that here.

LUSH’s 2016 Valentine’s campaign featured couple Thom and Mems, and the boys are back again to be the face of this push. The couple who met while employed at LUSH will once again have their faces plastered on the store windows.

“We know our commitment to each other is real, our families know our commitment to each other is real,” says Mems. “It makes no sense for our commitment and engagement to each other to not be recognised legally in the same way that a heterosexual couples engagement might be.”

Read more about Thom and Mems here, and if you’re as sick as we are of parliament filibustering marriage equality, when you next pop up to the shops, stick your head into your local LUSH and grab a postcard.