Axel Hotels, which is presented as a heterofriendly company, is the first hotel chain in the world aimed at the LGBTQ+ community.

‘Columbus’, the new campaign by Axel Hotels, asserts that love breaks down barriers

After the success of Noah’s Ark, the LGBTQ+ hotel chain surprises the world again with a campaign that reassesses the arrival of Christopher Columbus in America through the values of respect and fellowship

‘Let’s change hate for love’ is the main slogan of this emotional video, which reassesses History using a firm and resolute assertion of the diversity of identities, orientations, genders, races, and cultures.

The reason is none other than the arrival of the company itself in America. A moment that deserves an international campaign focused on breaking down historic barriers

The campaign, which lands two weeks before Pride, was created by Kike Doatis, a creative director from Barcelona, who on this occasion decided to look to the history books to symbolize union and equality without prejudice.

‘The meeting between Europe and America was a big, violent, and ruthless mistake taking an important role in History, as a means to represent any other war or tyranny. If we were to take all the hate we face and turn it into love, the world would be an incredible place’ explains Kike Doatis.

To bring this idea to life, a video inspired by genres such as fashion films or epic cinema was set forth, starring Benjamin Poirier, a dancer from the Spanish National  Dance Company, and his real-life partner, Venezuelan entrepreneur Daniel Barrios.

Aside from the creative direction of Kike Doatis, the video was also worked on by filmmaker Albert Grabuleda, photography director Oriol Colomar, and stylist Alejandro Acosta. Acosta made sure to portray the characters in a timeless and non-documentary depiction, with elements from the present and the past coming together.

The song ¨Show me your love¨, which plays like the soundtrack for the campaign, was composed by Alex Barroso. The art production is from Locamente.

Axel Hotels, which is presented as a hetero friendly company, is the first hotel chain in the world aimed at the LGBTQ+ community. The success of its first hotel in Barcelona, which opened in 2003 and expanded in 2010, started a project to grow throughout Europe, which now reaches America.

‘Axel has always fought to promote a society in which love can come in any form, where diversity and respect are fundamental aspects. We support a world where there is space for all types of love that can live in harmony.

The opening of our AxelBeach Miami is the suitable and special moment to keep promoting our values of respect, diversity, and inclusion,’ states Juan Julià, president of Axel Hotels.

Currently, Axel Hotels has hotels in Barcelona, Berlin, Ibiza, Madrid, Gran Canaria and Venice. With next August’s opening of the first Axel Hotel in the United States, the company strives to become a benchmark in the LGBTIQ+ community in South Beach Miami. Axel Hotels is also preparing its new openings in San Sebastián, Valencia, Madeira and Bilbao.