Rainbow fertility In an effort to reduce the waiting period for donor eggs Rainbow Fertility has recently formed a partnership with the US egg bank, The World Egg Bank (TWEB).

This partnership further enables Rainbow Fertility to provide those who do not produce eggs or cannot use the eggs they produce, with the opportunity to experience pregnancy and to bear a child. The donated eggs can also be used in surrogacy to help people achieve their dream of parenthood (depending on state legislation).

With this latest partnership, Rainbow Fertility patients now have two options for egg donors, either selecting eggs from our Australian egg donor service, or from The World Egg Bank.

Why we chose The World Egg Bank

Unlike many other egg banks, The World Egg Bank has a centralised model guaranteeing they use best practice protocols for egg freezing, and they ensure quality control of the eggs with all donor stimulations and retrievals are carried out at one singular location.

The World Egg Bank donors must donate altruistically and be screened to all Australian standards. The service offers patients a range of options including frozen eggs or embryos and a choice of selection criteria. Some options include a guarantee of one embryo per group of eggs or you receive a replacement group of eggs free.

Who needs donor eggs?

Those in need of donor eggs can include individuals: who have had repeated unsuccessful IVF attempts; who have undergone premature menopause; who for genetic reasons cannot use their eggs; individuals born without ovaries; who have undergone treatment for cancer; and surrogacy cases.

Options available through The World Egg Bank

Peace of Mind Payment Plan™

The Peace of Mind Payment Plan™ allows you to divide the cost of your donor selection into three equal payments over a three-month period. This program applies only to services and products supplied by The World Egg Bank. You do not have to complete an application or qualify to take advantage of this payment plan.

Ova Assurance

If your shipment arrives at Rainbow Fertility damaged and unusable due to freight mishandling in transit, The World Egg Bank will send a new cohort of eggs free. Ova Assurance does not void or change any existing guarantees.


Payment plan options available through Rainbow Fertility

Rainbow Fertility offers several payment plan options for IVF cycles. These payment options are only available for Rainbow Fertility fees and cannot be used to pay for external provider fees such as the hospital, anaesthetist, pharmacy, and specialist fees.

The payment plans available to choose from are as follows:

  • No up-front payment plan
  • Flexible financial payment plans
  • Instalment payment plan
  • Accessing superannuation

For more information about the options available for donor eggs contact our friendly team today.

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