Harvey Milk x DMK Mardi Gras Float
Harvey Milk x DMK Mardi Gras Float

This Mardi Gras DMK brought the Harvey Milk Foundation (HMF) to Australian shores, spreading the messages of authenticity, diversity and equal opportunity.

Founded by iconic civil rights leader, Harvey Milk’s nephew Stuart, the foundation provides on the ground support and award-winning programing to struggling and emerging LGBTI communities.

As a long-time partner of HMF, DMK is providing much-needed funds through the Limited product collection, with 10% of all proceeds going to this magnificent cause. In 2019 alone, DMK raised over $135 000 for HMF and continue its support by creating the first-ever HMF float for this year’s Mardi Gras parade.

The glamorous DMK float gracefully made its way down Oxford Street, led by founder Dannè

Montague King dressed immaculately in character as Liz Loren. With 20 million people tuning into the parade broadcast, the float was able to display and embody the core belief of freedom to express oneself in a safe and positive environment.

Following the famous assassination of his uncle in 1978, Stuart became an LGBTI advocate for these key messages. Through this year’s Mardi Gras he highlighted that the event is a powerful reminder that even small acts of inclusion and support can save lives.

“I guarantee you there are people in that crowd that had no hope to the point where they may have planned their own suicide, that will go to the Pride [Mardi Gras] and will pull apart those plans and realise that they have a future.”

DMK believes that everyone, no matter their identity, deserves the confidence that comes from having great skin and living an authentic life. Together with HMF, this partnership has the ability to change the lives of individuals and ensure those with insecurities have the support they need.