Book Cover of Almost-Married Moni By Cheyenne BlueCelebrate marriage equality in Australia with this adorable outback wedding story.

It’s three years after Moni Kratzmann’s girlfriend, Sue Brent, proposed to her. Now they’re both happily living in Mungabilly Creek, a tiny town in the Australian outback. With legal marriage out of their reach, they envisioned it as a “some time in time” kind of thing, but with marriage equality finally (FINALLY!) a reality in Australia, the heat is on from their friends and family.

Sue and Moni want a simple wedding, only caring that they’ll be surrounded by the people they love. The wedding planning seems to quickly run away without them, however, between Sue’s mum always imagining the perfect event, Moni’s family flying in from America—including the ex-girlfriend who married Moni’s brother—and who knows how many people from Mungabilly Creek wanting to see them get hitched.

Almost-Married Moni is an adorable novella follow-up to Not-So-Straight Sue, Cheyenne Blue’s second book in the Girl Meets Girl series. If you haven’t read Not-So-Straight Sue, fear not, because you can read this book and enjoy it on its own. Anyone who has read the whole series, however, will adore this instalment because, in addition to joining Moni and Sue as they get married in the most perfect-for-them way ever, we also get to visit with Geraldine and Nora from Never-Tied Nora and Felix and Josie from Fenced-In Felix.

There is so much joy in this book, it’s impossible to describe. More than simply a love story, it flat out celebrates love—romantic love first and foremost, but also familial love and the love of friends who are like family. The author’s love of the outback is also clear, with the setting so beautifully depicted that the place itself is almost like a character too.

Cheyenne Blue did a bang-up job of quickly writing this story and getting it out in time for the world to celebrate with Australia. If you haven’t read anything by her yet, this could be a good place to start. All of her books are wonderful, though, especially in the Girl Meets Girl series, so new readers might want to begin at the beginning and work their way through the whole thing. I dare anyone to pick up Almost-Married Moni and read it without a smile. The story offers such a warm and delightful experience that I bet it’s not possible.