A Thiefs Heart Cover 2019C Final SMC. L. Cattano once again puts her reader’s emotions through a ringer with her newest release Stealing A Thief’s Heart.

The story begins as Benny, a professional thief and all around cad, is in the midst of pulling off the biggest heist of her career. After years in the business of ‘alt-acquiring,’ Benny is now working on her plan to escape and retire from her life of thievery.

She is confident she’s reeled in the perfect pawn to help her escape in Evelina, a trusting Italian woman, who falls hard for Benny’s online persona, Darby. Evelina was looking for friends online, but found romance. She will do anything to meet the object of her newly found desire. When Benny and Evelina finally meet in Italy they are both in for a very unexpected surprise.

C.L. Cattano is an indie author whose works include ‘Cursed Hearts,’ a paranormal romance, and ‘Salvaggio’s Light,’ ten volumes of binge-worthy dramatic, and sometimes hilarious, lesbian romance.

She has also published a tongue-in-cheek short story called ‘The Secret Sappho Society & When Harlow Graves Popped Her Con-Cherry’ that is offered free at most book sellers. Her short story “Lady Kisses’ was included in the anthology, ‘A Heart Well Traveled – Vol. 3: Tales of International Love Affairs and Unlikely Outcomes’ published by Sapphire Books. Cattano lives in the Midwestern U.S. with her partner and their dog, Bella.

She considers herself a ‘Jack of All Trades’ dabbling in whimsies of her soul.