Rochelle & Sandra J
Rochelle & Sandra J

An innocent question, from the innocence of a child.

We know who; the question is why and why that eats away at LGBTI people. It is the why that drives LGBTI to have the highest rates of suicidality of any population in Australia (National LGBTI Health Alliance).

Rochelle & Sandra J from Flip180 are taking a stand in the LGBTI community to give hope, a way forward, to work through the challenges and stand in the acceptance of who you are without fear, despair and shame.

“Being LGBTI is only a part of who we are. It is not ‘all ‘of who we are. Non-acceptance is seen and felt as a total rejection of all that we are. It stirs emotions and the pain is deep and crippling. It kicks into the old thoughts and beliefs that hold the same pain and confusion and sets the pattern for the future. Our sexuality is part of who we are. It is an expression of our total self, acceptance of that part of self is part of being, it completes us so that we become all that we are to become.”

Using the peiec approach (pronounced peak), Rochelle & Sandra J simply want people to heal, see the beauty within, accept all they are and begin to live life without struggle. Their approach is gentle and powerful, giving people a way to move through the battle and releasing the pain, trauma, words and actions of others.

One recent client cleared the trauma of going to work every day and being confronted with the taunts of ‘all you need to fix, you are a good man. Every morning she would wake with a sense of dread, drag herself from bed and throw up, knowing she had to face the same ridicule and bullying for being who she was. A gay woman, intelligent, beautiful, a mother, a wife, a lover, a friend, who worked hard and strived to do her best. Using the peiec approach, she could release the trauma, thoughts, and beliefs that had become a truth.

Another struggle with her attraction to women and the solid Christian beliefs she had been raised in was letting go of the fear and the ‘old programming. As a result, the chronic pain and ongoing illness that had been the norm for her were gone after three days.

This is the power and the fantastic results of the simplicity of the peiec approach.

Rochelle & Sandra J are writing their fifth book. A book of healing, change and transformation, exploring the five layers of self; the physical, emotional, intuitive/energetic and core, specifically addressing the challenges, hurts, trauma and uncertainty, joy and celebration of being LGBTI. The book guides you to a place of release, healing and stepping fully into the beauty of being LGBTI.

Flip 180 facilitates regular events and workshops along with personal transformation journeys, which assist people in releasing the words of others, the trauma that ‘stuck feeling’ so many carry, and to create healing and acceptance.

Rochelle & Sandra J, founders of the peiec approach, are spiritual teachers and entrepreneurs, inspirational speakers and authors, working in their creative, energetic space, open and guided intuitively in their teaching and direction. They share their knowledge, skills and practical guidance in transforming people’s lives on a personal and professional level.

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