Transgender Woman Sets to Claim Identity in NovelLearn her story and how she wants to live her truth

Human Rights Campaign (HRC) national press secretary Sarah McBride defines transgender people as a group of people whose biological sex assigned at birth differs from their sense of gender. Spike Lynch’s The Perfect Woman tells the journey of a transgender woman’s life.

The novel is inspired by a true story. The protagonist, Paula, born as Paul, faced trials no human should face from the moment she was born. Following the wrong procedure, she grew up raised as a boy. This caused Paula much confusion and emotional turmoil. These hardships, along with the bodily changes that came with puberty, prompted her mother to reveal the true nature of her birth. After the confession, Paula finally understood her inner conflict and began to live her life by claiming her genuine identity.

Members of the LGBT community, especially transgender individuals, can empathize with Paula’s struggles. The story emphasizes acceptance and resilience against all odds. “It will definitely make you more understanding of others who may be different than you. Guaranteed, you will learn things you never knew before,” Amazon customer James Collett says.

“The Perfect Woman” inspires people to persist forward in life as they own their identities. Interested readers can buy copies in selected online bookstores.