Dont-Be-Shy-vol-i-2500x1563-Amazon-Smashwords-Kobo-AppleTwelve talented authors show us how arousing lesbian erotic short stories can be.

Don’t be Shy (Volume 1) is a wonderful compilation of twelve erotic stories of sex between women that touch the heart, the soul, and, in many cases, other places too.

I normally prefer longer stories, but pushing past my inhibitions to give this anthology a chance, I was pleased to find many stories here that engaged me with a diversity of characters and storylines. Some of the authors in this anthology are familiar faces from the Ylva catalogue and the lesbian fiction world, but I also discovered some great authors who were new to me. I have spent some very entertaining evenings doing the “research” to find my three favourite stories in this not-so-shy book.

Third place in my personal ranking is “Insomnia” by R. G. Emanuelle, which is likely the most stimulating story I’ve ever read that didn’t even involve two women touching each other. Let’s just say you’ll never again think the same way about staying late for work.

Second place goes to “Encore” by Jess Lea, an entertaining and sexy peek into the world of opera. I was always a fan of classical music and opera, but I now have a quite better understanding of what kind of “special treatment” an opera singer needs to hit those really high notes.

But my favourite story in this anthology was absolute “The Longest Night” by Ronnie Willows. This was a kink storey that was sexy as hell and the hottest story of this anthology but also had a real emotional undercurrent. A tale about the relationship between a domand sub as they explore mixing pleasure and pain through BDSM, it did a delicious job of showing how satisfying kinky sex can be. There were multiple times when it left me a bit moist.

The editors did a really good job in selecting a colourful bunch of sexy stories here, which are all worth checking out. Get yourself a comfortable place for reading, perhaps with a good drink,(because you’ll be gone a while) and take some time for yourself with this unabashed collection of hot lesbian sex stories. You won’t find a bad story in the bunch!