Sexy times with a stranger on a business trip

This debut erotic novella is a fun take on the sex-with-a-stranger trope.

Emily Evans is a good girl. She works hard at the job she’s had for years, does everything in moderation, and she certainly doesn’t make a habit of going into strangers’ hotel rooms dressed in sexy lingerie and killer heels. That is, until she meets her. When a mysterious woman buys Emily a drink at a hotel bar in New York while Emily’s on a business trip, she never expects the stranger to impact her life the way she does.

The stranger, calling herself May, reveals very few details of her life. But her magnetism pulls Emily in, and before Emily knows what she’s doing, she’s heading to May’s room knowing that she’ll be shortly having sex with this woman she doesn’t know. May is butch, dominant, and has Emily in a spin from the minute she steps into her room. But who is May? And why does she seem to be in hiding? And why can’t Emily resist her, going back for more the very next day…?

This is a cute, sexy read. The story starts off all about the sex, then morphs into more of a little mystery story with a strong romantic element. It’s told entirely from Emily’s point of view, in the first person, which is not my favorite but it works pretty well here. Obviously, we only learn about May as Emily does, so her character does retain her air of mystery for most of the book. However, May’s dominant side, and her all-round sexiness, are very well written from Emily’s view. Emily herself goes on a great journey through this short book, and I liked her as a character.

The sex scenes are great, a level or two above pure vanilla – there’s some dildo action and light bondage, as well as some classic dominant language from May. The writing style itself is light and easy, and at only 120 pages or so, this is a perfect little book for whiling away an hour or so just before bedtime…