Janet Pywell ellie BravoAbout “Across The Lough”.

Across the Lough started as a writing exercise when I was studying for my MA In Creative Writing at Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland. The task that I set myself was to write 500 words a week so that in 100 weeks I would have 50,000 words – enough for a novella.

I immersed myself in this project, as well as writing my first novel – The Golden Icon and various short stories that turned into Red Shoes and Other Short Stories – and the blog grew. To make it fun I added images of Ireland and places that my heroine Ellie Bravo visited, recipes that she cooked and also things that interested this intelligent and dynamic woman.

On this blog, I have published the first few chapters of the first draft of the Ellie Bravo novel under the name Across the Lough. The Ellie Bravo novel will be available to download on Kindle on the 1st December and it will be available in paperback on Amazon on the 8th December – just in time for Christmas.

The novel is now over 80,000 words. It has changed dramatically from the first draft that I posted weekly and I believe the essence of the characters and the plot-line has been enhanced through many revised versions and feedback.

Thank you for reading this blog – I do hope that you enjoy the novel – here’s the blurb:

When Ellie Bravo loses her prestigious job and her partner she escapes London and accepts a job as the new marketing manager of a struggling IT firm. But she falls head-over-heels for a female colleague, who’s married with a child. Even worse, nobody knows Ellie’s gay.

Ellie would have to sacrifice her job, career, and professional reputation to choose love. But the lure of Maria is too strong to resist. Maria’s husband discovers the truth and is willing to blackmail Ellie into getting what he wants and is prepared to use any means possible to ruin her.

But Ellie isn’t going to be threatened. She rides a Harley and has a meaningful tattoo across her shoulder. She’s determined to fight for what she believes in…. at the risk of losing everything.