Words written into the sand 'Love Yourself'

3 Ways To Cultivate Self Love After A Breakup

It's easy to judge ourselves for staying too long in a relationship that isn't working, but here are 3 ways to cultivate self love after a breakup.

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Meeting The Fockers For The Holidays

How do you navigate the holidays with a new girlfriend? I explore the shift from hanging out with my friends for the holidays to hanging out with my girl's family.

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woman from behind with love heart tatoo on her back

5 Ways To Heal Yourself After A Breakup

When a relationship has ended, what can we do to take care of ourselves?

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couple using mobile phone in bed

5 Signs You’re Not Compatible

Love may move mountains and always win, but love doesn't trump compatibility.

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Rainbow Coloured Pegs on washing line

Organising Life, Starting With Relationships

Time to clean out the clutter...

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warning signs

Four Ways To Guard Against Ignoring Red Flags In Dating

How to notice the warning signs before it's too late.

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Words written into the sand 'Love Yourself'

Cultivate Self Love After A Breakup In 3 Ways

Begin the process of shifting away from judgment and towards self-love.

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Women of colour with head on her knees

5 Excuses That Keep You In An Unhappy Relationship

Here are 5 excuses to stop making for staying together when it's time to call it quits.

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The 4 Signs That Tell You a Relationship is Over

The 4 Signs That Tell You A Relationship Is Over

Why do we stay too long in unhealthy relationships?

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What Going To A Wedding Solo Taught Me About Myself

It feels like everyone is getting married, so I celebrate my dear friends' wedding sans plus one.

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