Older and younger woman talking on sofa

Ask Anything

I got an email from a 19-year-old nephew recently which started out with the unlikely statement, “I have some interesting questions concerning being a lesbian.”

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mother and daughter

Mixing The Old With The New

Why turning into your mother may not be a (completely) bad thing.

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Woman holding tray with Birthday cupcakes

Birthday Season

We have no one to blame but ourselves. We knew what we were doing. And we were smart enough to do the math. We just weren’t optimistic that things were going to work out first time, twice.

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I Had An Epiphany Last Night

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My Life As A Dog

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Love Is The Sweetest Thing

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It’s Field Trip Time Again Moms!

Chaperoning on a field trip isn't every woman's cup of tea: the noise, the confusion, the fact that you have to hold your tongue when you'd like to be frank about some of the behavior that gets ignored.

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