The dance

The Dance By Suzie Carr

This beautifully queer-tinged novel by author Suzie Carr tells a story of recovery from loss, nurtured by nature, and a blossoming love.

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book cover of A Little Bit Of Spice By Georgia Beers

A Little Bit Of Spice By Georgia Beers

This queer romance novel from a lesbian fiction great is like a warm, chocolate fudge sundae on a lazy afternoon.

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Cover of Ann McMan's Backcast

Backcast By Ann McMan

When lesbian landlubbers congregate at a lakefront writing retreat, will they capitalize on the experience or just capsize it?

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Busy City Night Life

An Impossible Love

How I met my first girlfriend - a heart-breaking and hopeful tale of love and loss.

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Ask Kirsten: Who Should Propose?

Equallywed's editor in chief shares her expertise on all the tricky questions that come up when you're tying the knot.

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