Introducing the Ambrosia vibe: The world’s first bionic strap-on that vibrates when touched.

Ladies, welcome to the future of organic orgasms, where pleasure will never again be a one-way street. For most of us lesbians who want to spice things up in the bedroom, using sex toys such as strap-ons and dildos usually means taking turns when it comes to who gets to really get off. But leave it up to a quantum physicist to find a way to break through that scientific and sexual barrier.

The ingenious company, Orgasmatronics has announced that the Ambrosia Vibe, the strap-on dildo that responds to touch, has reached 70% of its funding goal through Indiegogo in just 5 days! The campaign is now aiming even higher with stretch goals offering even bigger, better perks. Buyers can still order the Ambrosia through the campaign at a significantly discounted price.

The Ambrosia Vibe was developed by a former quantum physicist who is known by his pseudonym Dr. X. Treme. Dr. X’s resume includes a PhD in applied physics from Yale, a math/physics double degree from Berkeley, developing several technologies from concept to application in the quantum electronics field, and managing science research projects for the federal government. Yet before long, Dr. X decided to apply his talents to something else a bit more exciting, and after a sexy request from his wife to make her a “sex machine,” Dr. X found himself in a whole new line of work.

Thanks to Dr. X and his Orgasmatronics technology, a whole new avenue of pleasure has opened up. When stimulated, the Ambrosia transmits a signal and delivers a corresponding vibration to the wearer. By allowing the wearer to experience sensation directly as they use the device, the Ambrosia opens the door to new sexual possibilities previously unachievable.

Exactly how does the Ambrosia Vibe work? The Ambrosia Vibe strap-on dildo, just like an all-natural sex organ, responds to touch. The unique Ambrosia Pressure Sense Technology™ perceives motion on the dildo and transfers sensation to the user via a vibrator at the base of the unit. The Ambrosia Vibe allows the strap-on wearer to actually “feel” the sexual stimulation applied to the dildo!

“One of the most liberating uses for technology in general is to free individuals from the constraints of their bodies, whether it’s letting us see things hundreds of miles away, fly, or live underwater” said Dr. X. “Our technology lets people not born with a biological penis have a richer experience as they play with sensation of their new ‘organ.’ We hope that this improves people’s lives and makes them happier with whatever their sexual and gender identity are.”


Check out the science behind the sexiness as well as the sexiness of the science, and look into getting a toy that, like its name, is simply divine.


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