LOTL is calling on you to join our team in the City2Surf to raise much-needed funds for breast cancer research.

Do you know that feeling when you’re running, jogging, or even walking down a set of stairs? That pain in your chest where the nemeses Gravity and Boobs collide? The bouncing of our breasts is a discomfort many of us take for granted, but for more than 65,000 Australian women, breast cancer has robbed them of that sensation. So far this year, it tops the list as the most endemic cancer in the country.  As of February, we’d already lost over 3,000 women.

For women of all gender orientations, breasts are inextricably linked to a sense of femininity and/ or female identity. That is why LOTL has nominated The Breast Cancer Network Australia as their charity for the City2Surf this year August. We’ve put out the call for a team of supporters to join us in force on the streets of Sydney. We highly encourage all manner of costumes to give volume to our cause.

Click on below Sign Up button or go to http://city2surf.com.au/   Click on ENTER NOW  – Select ADULT/ FAMILY etc  – a pop-up window will appear – hit JOIN A TEAM and type LOTL – follow the prompts.