Keeping Our Senior Pets Comfortable This WinterThe lowdown on caring for older pets in the family this winter.

Winter is on its way. With the turn of the seasons some of our senior pets, especially those with arthritis, will feel the chill in their bones. Ensure your pet is kept comfortable this winter with a few simple suggestions.

Just like senior people, older pets don’t like draughts. Position their bed in a cosy spot and block off any draughts. Those old bones also need a little extra padding (especially larger dogs). There are dog beds available that are designed for seniors to provide support for bony elbows and hips.

During winter we often feel the comfort of a warming stew or soup. Your pet can also benefit by eating room temperature food, rather than cold food straight from the fridge.  You can bring their food to room temperature or warm by adding a little hot water or placing it in the microwave for a few seconds.

A warm wheat pack can also be soothing for tired joints and muscles, especially the hips and lower back of many pets. Take care, some pets won’t complain if the pack is too hot. Always sit with your pet and place your hand under the wheat bag to ensure the temperature is suitable.

If your pet needs a little more support please see your vet discuss supplements and treatments to make your pet’s retiring years comfortable.