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Archive »Coming Out

Stop Calling It A Choice: Biological Factors Drive Homosexuality

The new finding is consistent with multiple earlier studies of twins that indicated same-sex attraction is a heritable trait.

Coming Out At Work Is Not A One-Off Event

Even those who feel comfortable about their sexual orientation or gender identity need to assess this decision carefully because discrimination against LGBTIQ+ workers still prevails in some workplaces.
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Archive »Stars

The Stonewall Horoscope

50 years later.

May 2019 Online Horoscope

How much will we risk emotionally this May as Venus sits in brazen Aries and Mars in romantic Cancer? Make your best moves and see if they move her. Grrr.
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Archive »Sex & Relationships

Winter Date Ideas That Don't Involve Netflix

Your love life doesn't have to be as frigid as the weather.

Lesbian Secrets: How to Talk to Girls

I once started a four-year relationship by asking a cute butch what time it was.
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Archive »Pets

As seen LOTL Magazine: The Ideal Companions

Greyhounds are more than sleek racing machines. Find out why us and them are such a perfect match

My Doggy Valentine

For the queer love of dogs.
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Archive »Finance

How Being A Gay Man Or Lesbian Impacts On Your Earning Power

In the extensively-studied area of how different demographic groups fare in the labour market, the size of the gender pay gap and its causes has tended to dominate.

Seeking Supportive Services for Older LGBT Women

A new study from Western Sydney University has prompted further research into support services for older LGBT women.
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Archive »Fitness & Health

Every Day, FIVE Women Die In Australia From A Gynaecological Cancer

To coincide with International Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month, Sydneysiders are invited to the exclusive ‘View by Sydney’ on Thursday 19th September

As seen LOTL Magazine:The Pink Lining

How one woman faced the uncertainty of metastatic breast cancer head on.
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