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Jewish Cook Campaigns to Help, Heal and Feed the World

Calls on crowd funding to bring Jewish food truck to life in Melbourne

We Should All Be Free and Equal

Celebrating the impact of the United Nations’ LGBT video campaign.

Archive »Events

Chick With Picks August 2014

Chicks With Picks put on events for woman fronted acts – the goal is to encourage more woman performers to get up on stage and to provide a network in which they can flourish.

Totes Gay: The Heaps Gay Charity Exhibition

Artists and designers unite creating one of a kind tote bags for auction.

Archive »Culture

Are You A Romantic Heroine? Unlikely...

Girls with green eyes everywhere...or are they?

Diamonds by Gwen Leader (Chapter One)

The Selbright Mysteries; Book One

Archive »Reviews

Kristy Apps Wrote You a Song

It’s been about a decade since Queensland singer/songwriter KRISTY APPS was described in a music review as “an arresting new performer, with striking tunes, lyrics and vocals”.

Lesbian Film - Mango Kiss

Birthdays always suck.

Archive »Advice

Coaching and Coming Out

Life can be thrown into chaos when coming out as lesbian and the whole process can be very scary.

Is Dating the New Easy?

Could it be simple after all? Advice for the women out there who are still looking for love.

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Two Mummas and a Bubba

Two Mummas and a Bubba

Time for a Break!

The girls enjoy a holiday before getting back into treatments.


Reading Lounge Ramblings

Writers on the Loose

Mainstream - One Thing I Am Not!

Transgender and Intersex representation in Science Fiction and Fantasy literature - a critical look.


Tough Love to Dieting

tough-love approach to dieting

Ask Arlene 25th September

The benefits of garlic to necessary B Vitamins - read on!


Lisa's Fitness Chat

Blog from personal trainer Lisa Brown

Innervate Health & Fitness Workout

Lisa Brown shares some tips.



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