Penny Wong Anthony Albanese
Penny Wong and Anthony Albanese

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese told the caucus that he would not change the religious discrimination law unless Opposition Leader Peter Dutton gave it bipartisan support.

​Suppose the Prime Minister is serious about fulfilling his election commitment. In that case, he can take simple and quick steps right now to end discrimination against LGBTQ+ students and staff in religious schools.

While the LGBTQI+ community continues to wait for the law to change, more people will lose their jobs, and more children will be denied leadership roles or be forced to leave school.

The community has spent over a decade raising this issue, with many reviews and attempts to change the law. Now is the time for laws that protect the LGBTQI+ community.

Subsequent governments have failed to address significant gaps in protections for workers, students, and service users in religious schools and organisations.

This will come as a crushing blow for those waiting for better protection, including women, people who are divorced or in de facto relationships, and people of faith.

We urge the Prime Minister, Opposition Leader Peter Dutton, and all parliamentarians to do the right thing and pass these reforms. The law is out of step with 21st-century community expectations, and it’s time to finally change.