Amanda MerdzanAustralian singer, songwriter, and producer Amanda Merdzan releases ‘Commands’ a five track EP which highlights her diverse songwriting and production abilities and takes her music to a new dimension.

Three years after releasing The Map Has Been Redrawn, which received national airplay, Amanda has toured the US, Canada, Australia, and around Europe and the UK. During her time in Canada, Amanda showcased at Canadian Music Week alongside Emma Louise and Falls.

Originally from Perth, Amanda recently relocated to London with her girlfriend and their cat, Amanda’s new five track EP, Commands, highlights her diverse songwriting and production abilities. This combination of electro, down-tempo, and dark pop takes Amanda’s music to a whole new dimension. The theme of acceptance peaks through the harsh feelings of anxiety and loss expressed throughout the songs.

The challenges faced in hiding a same-sex relationship, the complications in disclosing the truth and the breakdown of a close friendship fuels the tension throughout. The first release from the EP, “Matter” highlights the inner conflict faced in the relationship by creating a constant push and pull with the music and lyrics.

Over the years, Merdzan has performed alongside acts such as Emma Louise and Falls (at Canadian Music Week) and The Tallest Man On Earth (at The Wave Rock Weekender) as well as supporting Eskimo Joe, Holly Throsby and Thelma Plum in her home town of Perth.