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The Night The Cushions Were Soft.

Interior Design Woes


The Block has a lot to answer for.

My beloved loves the show. It is given highest of priority in her day, and she gathers many ideas and thoughts from watching the hot policewomen twins kicking butt.

You see, my beloved is a bit of a dab hand when it comes to interior design stuff. She’s one of *those* lesbians who likes to build things. Build things, and go to Bunnings.

A lot.

Here she is, building a fire pit:


Building a fire pit.

And here she is, putting in an amazing new floor thing:


Putting in a new floor.

She’s very talented at these things. It’s amazing, honestly – it leaves me in awe. It’s her love for this kind of thing that kicked off her small business idea, Kiss My Interior. Her and a couple of mates have combined forces to make this particular dream come true.

She spends lots of time researching interior design stuff, too:


Interior Design Magazines, with Harry

There is a lot to love about my beloved. Tolerant Patient. Stubborn Determined. Completely disorganised Creative.

But, I digress.

Last night, we were heading off to bed when I committed an interior design sin. THE interior design sin: I threw a scatter cushion to the ground, with little contemplation as to where it landed.

Apparently the angle it landed on made the blankets over the doona suddenly sit crooked or something. Either way, when she realised how off-kilter the bedding was, she was not pleased:


Then she realised I was moving the blankets around ON PURPOSE!


I took photo after photo, none of which helped with the alignment of the blankets, the Feng Shui of the cushion or the fact that she was trying to be cross while wearing panda jarmies and a blue beanie.

Finally, the blankets were returned to their natural order and my beloved was able to fall asleep.

I love her.

And I got her permission to use these photos.


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