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O N . T H E . N I G H T
Drinks on arrival
Live entertainment – MC, DJ, and music!
VIP Prices on current LOTL issue.

I N . T H E . I S S U E
Every issue includes a mix of content, tailored to the tastes of lesbian and queer women.

In this issue, expect exclusive celebrity interview, YOUR portraits from our Autumn gathering (taken by @JettyBlue), as well as incisive commentary, boundary-breaking formal fashion, and a feature on a woman we LOVE.

We (still) champion diversity, inclusion, and positive body image.

After 30 Years of Publishing, LOTL has introduced major changes. Thank you for supporting us during this transition into our Subscription Only model, and allowing us to continue to be a platform for our community to express and connect.

Lets come together again to celebrate our beautiful, diverse community with good food, drinks, music, and of course- pick up your copy of the Winter Issue of LOTL.

Issues come included in the ticket price, however additional copies may be purchased on the night for the VIP price of $10! (Normally $15).

See you there!


June 14th, 7-10pm
El Coco

June 15th, 7-10pm
Simmer On The Bay




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