This new dramedy explores the personal sacrifices we make for those we know and love the most.

New webseries I Know You Are aims to bring women and inclusiveness into focus. The six part dramedy explores the personal sacrifices people make for those they know and love the most. The series also highlights how the closest relationships can be excuses or opportunities, and that the difference comes down to a choice only we can make for ourselves.

I Know You Are represents three dimensional characters within the queer community and focuses on Kate as she struggles to support her sister Daisy after losing her job. When she meets Rachelle, her new relationship inspires Kate to do what she loves, but Daisy won’t accept change without a fight.

The producers are self-funding the majority of the production costs and have set up a crowd funding campaign. Production costs include location fees and permits, wardrobe and props, and marketing and distribution amongst others.

As well as production costs, the filmmakers are in need of help with the essential cost of Gear Hire, including the camera, sound recording equipment, and lighting equipment.

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