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We Should All Be Free and Equal

Celebrating the impact of the United Nations’ LGBT video campaign.

72 Years of True Love Sees Couple in their 90's Finally Tie the Knot!

The longest "phase" we've ever heard of...A beautiful sight, congratulations!

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Chick With Picks August 2014

Chicks With Picks put on events for woman fronted acts – the goal is to encourage more woman performers to get up on stage and to provide a network in which they can flourish.

Totes Gay: The Heaps Gay Charity Exhibition

Artists and designers unite creating one of a kind tote bags for auction.

Archive »Culture

"Blingsting" Could Save Your Life!

You can be blinged out and keep yourself safer at the same time.

Awkward Questions Straight People Ask Lesbians

Here's the top 12 and how to inappropriately answer them.

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Transphobia is a Form of Feminist Self Loathing

Bully Bloggers are neither radical nor Feminist.

Does the Name Renee Richards Ring a Bell?

Did you know that Fallon Fox WASN'T the first transgender athlete to participate in professional sports?

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LOTL Previews the Latest to come from Fiona Noakes Band

Fiona Noakes Band set to Release Upcoming Album "Fury of the Sea"

Short Film "Quiet" is a Must See

Why does this still happen?

Archive »Advice

Straight Girl Crush?

We've all been there at some point - here is a little advice!

4 Messages Not To Send On Lesbian OKCupid

Do’s and don’ts for online lesbian relationship success.

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Two Mummas and a Bubba

Two Mummas and a Bubba

Will #3 Be Lucky?

Leah has her 3rd IUI attempt, will this be the one that works for the girls?


Reading Lounge Ramblings

Writers on the Loose

Mainstream - One Thing I Am Not!

Transgender and Intersex representation in Science Fiction and Fantasy literature - a critical look.


Tough Love to Dieting

tough-love approach to dieting

Ask Arlene 4th September

Want to know why organic food is more expensive? Or how to deal with night leg cramps? Then read on!


Lisa's Fitness Chat

Blog from personal trainer Lisa Brown

Innervate Health & Fitness Workout

Lisa Brown shares some tips.



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