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Laverne Cox Stirs Controversy

When Activism Hurts Victims

Health Organisation Launched for NSW Sex Workers

For the first time, NSW sex workers have an autonomous health organisation funded by NSW Health

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Chick With Picks August 2014

Chicks With Picks put on events for woman fronted acts – the goal is to encourage more woman performers to get up on stage and to provide a network in which they can flourish.

Totes Gay: The Heaps Gay Charity Exhibition

Artists and designers unite creating one of a kind tote bags for auction.

Archive »Culture

The 5 Types Of Lesbian NOT To Date

It’s a battlefield out there. Here’s a guide to help you pick the right girl for you.

What Does Queer Mean to You?102

How an artists and activist chose to explore the meanings of “queer.”

Archive »Lifestyle

Five Harm Reduction Strategies for Smokers

Every little bit counts!

Top Influential Lesbian Athletes

Our top 5 women in sport.

Archive »Reviews

New single from That Girl With Dark Eyes

Queer singer-songwriter from Spain launches her hit single “Balloon.”

A Change in Scenery Can Change Your Life - A Village Affair

Sometimes love just isn't enough.

Archive »Advice

Westpac employee chats about work and being a lesbian

Sydney-based Cassy Sutherland is Change Manager at Westpac, a mother of three and a lesbian.

Career Coaching For Lesbians

Are you on the right career path? What would you change if you could?

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Two Mummas and a Bubba

Two Mummas and a Bubba

Will #3 Be Lucky?

Leah has her 3rd IUI attempt, will this be the one that works for the girls?


Reading Lounge Ramblings

Writers on the Loose

Writing Holiday a Wipe Out

A plan to finish a novel gets beaten by the beach.


Tough Love to Dieting

tough-love approach to dieting

Ask Arlene 14th August

There's good fat and bad fat...our nutritionist explains the difference.


Lisa's Fitness Chat

Blog from personal trainer Lisa Brown

Shut Up Your Inner Saboteur

AKA your "sneaky mofo"



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