Bill to end gay student discrimination

Alex Greenwich to introduce new bill.


Independent State Member for Sydney, Alex Greenwich, has announced plans to introduce a bill to the NSW Parliament that would remove the exemptions in the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act that currently allow private schools to refuse entry and even expel students based on their sexuality.

"Currently in NSW students can cruelly be expelled for being gay. This is wrong and my bill will end this"

"The threat of expulsion for being who you are has a hugely negative impact on vulnerable LGBTI high schools students"

"This is a major issue for the inner city. High school spots are already extremely limited and the growing numbers of LGBTI families in Sydney don’t need further restrictions placed on their schooling options" 

Mr Greenwich said his electorate has the highest number of same-sex couples, a thriving LGBTI community, but no public high school.

Mr Greenwich said the national campaign for marriage equality has increased the acceptance and tolerance of LGBTI Australians and it was time the law reflected this.

"Even the current NSW Attorney-General has acknowledged that times have changed, and I am hopeful that the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act will be amended to reflect this".

Mr Greenwich will introduce the bill when parliament resumes in August and expects a vote by the end of the year. The NSW Government is considering their support for the bill. The bill will be made publicly available soon.

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