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Mardi Gras: Every float revealed

Want to know what's in store for this year's parade?


Without further ado... The list of entrants in this year's Sydney Mardi Gras Parade is revealed...

Kicking off with Dykes on Bikes!


Dykes on Bikes

Dykes on Bikes are iconic to the Mardi Gras Parade. In this, their 25th year, they’ll be setting the pace on bikes ranging from classic postal, Ducatis, BMWs and Harleys.

First Australians – First Australians

The First Australian's float to celebrate the strength and resilience of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander gay, lesbian, bisexual people as well as our deadly sistergirls and brothaboys!

78ers – 35th Anniversary

The original Mardi Gras marchers march still, and this is a tribute to them and how far GLBTQI rights have come in the 35 years since they first stood up.

Australian Defence Force – Serving with Pride

The Australian Defence Force will march in uniform for the first time in 2013, recognising the service of LGBTQI personnel. The ADF is open to all Australians - Diversity is an attribute that strengthens and enhances the defence of Australia and our national interests.

DEFGLIS – Serving with Pride

Family and friends of Australian Defence Force personnel, and Defence Australian Public Service employees will march with DEFGLIS - the Defence LGBTI Information Service. DEFGLIS marches to promote inclusion in the Australian Defence Force to strengthen capability, support LGBTI personnel and improve education and awareness of LGBTI people.

NSW Rural Fire Service – NSW Rural Fire Service – Supports our Members with Pride  

RFS volunteers come from all walks of life and can be found right across NSW, be that coastal, regional or rural. The RFS celebrates the diversity of its membership and enthusiastically participates in the Parade to send a message for support for the LGBTQI community.

Fire and Rescue NSW – Fire and Rescue NSW: Supporting Diversity

Fire & Rescue NSW (FRNSW) is proud to be part of the line-up at this year's Mardi Gras Parade. One hundred FRNSW firefighters, staff and volunteers, a fire truck and community education van will join Sydney's biggest street party to support the power of diversity.

NSW State Emergency Service - The SES Supports its LGBTQI Members

The New South Wales State Emergency Service (NSW SES) is made up of a diverse range of people who regularly commit their time and energy, volunteering to assist their communities in times of flood, storms and other emergencies. The NSW SES includes volunteers and staff who identify as and are part of the LGBTQI community. As an organisation the NSW SES supports these members and the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade is an opportunity to celebrate this. 

Ambulance Service of NSW – Ambulance Service of NSW   

Ambulance Service of NSW staff, both operational and corporate, will march in uniform with their partners, family and friends. Staff will be displaying messages to the community of support for the LGBTQI community and LGBTQI staff of ambulance.

Lifesavers with Pride – Protection: Where the Ocean Meets the Shore  

Representing a true cross-section of both the Australian and the surf lifesaving communities, Lifesavers with Pride respects and accepts each other for the diversity they offer one another. Their float will see fit, toned bodies marching to increase awareness of the volunteer Surf Lifesaver and the inclusion of the LGBTQI community in Surf LifeSaving in Australia. 

Australian Federal Police GLLO Network – Australian Federal Police GLLO Network  

Sworn uniformed members and unsworn members in blue polo tops will march together with family members under a GLLO banner. Through their entry the AFP continues their long history of professional yet fun engagement with the LGBTQI community. Displaying diversity within their organisation as well as their unique role within the community.

NSW Police Force – Bring domestic and family violence out of the closet

The NSW Police Force is working with the community to bring domestic and family violence out of the closet. This year's Mardi Gras theme is focussing on encouraging GLBTQI people to report domestic violence and to seek help. The Force’s Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officers and all police officers are there to support victims of violence and to help make our community a safer one.

Hoopaholics – Future Hooper: Generation Equality

The Hooperholics will be using their space-age energy, glitter and enthusiasm to send future generations into a spin. Through the medium of hula-hoop dance they will encourage people to works towards a future of equality.

Handbag Family – Handbag Family

The Handbag Family are a friend and family group representing four generations of "fag hags" - although they prefer the term "handbag". Members range in age from 13 to 83 and demonstrate the special bond between gay men and straight women that has existed for generations.

PFLAG – Keeping Families Together

PFLAG – Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians and Gays - marches in the Parade to proudly show their love and support for our gay children. As befitting the theme of “Generations of Love”, parents and children will be marching together – they are “Keeping Families Together”.

Rainbow Babies & Kids – Generations of Family

As the biggest same-sex, LGBTQI parenting network in NSW, Rainbow Babies & Kids will honour this year’s theme by marching with the generations of their families who have “made us, shape us and supported us through our parenting journey”.

Kate and Annette – Celebrating 35 Years of Family

Kate and Annette’s stock truck will become a fantastic microcosm of their 'out and proud' farm-family life, complete with rainbow sheep and horse-riders, as they celebrate their 35th anniversary and spread the message that Queer families exist - we are all individuals and we should all be equal under the law. Their family and friends will be dancing up the Golden Mile to the 'sounds of the farm' with their truck-driving son at the wheel, Kate, the horse-breaker, in the saddle and Annette, the artist, flying with birds and pigs.

W.I.L.M.A – Macarthur says YES to Diversity and Love

The W.I.L.M.A Women’s Health Centre supports all women in the Macarthur area, including women who identify as lesbians. The float’s theme is ‘Love and Diversity’ and will strive to also send ‘strong women’ messages.  

ANZ – Many Tribes One Voice

Many faces: One Tribe. The ANZ float is made up of many diverse faces from our super regional workforce. Marching for diversity, inclusion and equality the tribe dance as one united group.  Ready to shine bright like a diamond!

ACON – Ending HIV   

Portrayed through a black and white theme, ACON will present the central theme of “Ending HIV.” As the largest community base GLBT HIV/AIDS organisation in NSW, their float will be sleek and sophisticated and one with a dedicated message.

Kirketon Road Centre – 26 Years of Sharing the Love

KRC’s outreach bus provides medical, counselling and social welfare services to people with the aim to minimise HIV/AIDS and other transmissible infections. The bus will be decorated to reflect ‘Generations of Love’ as the KRC continues to act in solidarity with, and support of, the LGBTQI community. 

Body Electric Inc. – BE Free, BE Alive, BE Powerful

Body Electric is dedicated to building an open-hearted community of men who celebrate their gift of erotic energy and diversity to create more exciting, aware, compassionate and fulfilling lives through its workshops, supporting events and other courses. All sexual orientations are celebrated and spiritual paths honoured. Their message is BE Free BE Alive BE Powerful.

Stanford House – Standford House

Stanford House has been proudly serving the HIV community for 22 years.  This year’s float is a boat, sailing the troubled seas of life with a heart shaped sail, symbolising a safe haven, a journey to a brighter future, guided by the love and dedication of Stanford House, staff and volunteers.

The Wayside Chapel – Generations of Creating Community

The Wayside Chapel is proud of its 49 years of creating community where the LGBTQI community’s right to ‘be’ has been respected. Their message is ‘GENERATIONS OF CREATING COMMUNITY’ and their float will demonstrate their support by sharing this generation of Wayside community’s individual messages of love to the LGBTQI community.

Twenty10 incorporating GLCS NSW – Jurassic Love

As a community based organisation, Twenty10 incorporating GLCS NSW works with and supports young people of diverse genders, sexes and sexualities, their family and their friends. Their message is one of acceptance and celebration. “Jurassic Love” is talking about the fact that the diverse sexualities, sexes and genders have been around since the dawn of time and in this day and age homophobia and transphobia should have left with the dinosaurs.

Beyond Blue – Beyond Blue Stop. Think. Respect. Marchers

The beyondblue Stop.Think.Respect Marchers are Board members, staff, friends and volunteers supporting the beyondblue campaign. The campaign encourages all Australians to STOP the discrimination, THINK about what you say and do, and RESPECT gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans and intersex people.

S.A.R.A - Schizophrenia Awareness Research Alliance – Get out of the box that society puts you in

S.A.R.A is a newly established charity aimed at raising awareness of mental health within society. The message of this float is to break free from the box that society puts you in. Whether you are gay, straight, diagnosed with a mental illness, overweight or super skinny. Whatever your circumstance, empower yourself to break free from the box you can be made to fit into!

Wear It Purple – Wear it Purple

Wear it Purple is a student run, not-for-profit organisation that exists to support young people who identify as sexuality and/or gender diverse. Their marchers represent a group of these young people and we bear the message that everyone has a right to be proud of who they are, regardless of who you love or how you define yourself.

Headspace – Headspace

Headspace provides mental health and wellbeing support, information and services to young people (aged 12-25) and their families across Australia. Any young person is welcome at headspace, either by visiting one of 40 centres across the country or by going to headspace.org.au for help and support.

Macquarie Grammar School – Put a little Love in Your Heart

Macquarie Grammar School is participating in the Sydney Mardi Gras Parade, as per the original purpose— a protest march, with the message to Sydney and the World:  “We won’t let hatred grow”; “Put a Little Love in your Heart”!

UN Youth ACT/NSW – Youth United

UN Youth's float this year will represent the power of young people to motivate change. The United Nations, much like the youth of the world, are dedicated to progress, understanding and acceptance.

Cross Campus Float – Cross Campus Float (UNSW, UTS, Umacquarie and QSN)

A feast of self-expression, the Cross Campus float will display varying messages that capture the diversity of student issues. The float will demonstrate what the queer community has worked hard to achieve over the past 35 years.

Allsorts – Not Just Queer

‘Not Just Queer’ is this year’s float for the University of Wollongong’s queer collective, Allsorts. The float aims to communicate that queer-identifying individuals are more than just their sexuality, we do after all work, play and take on many useful roles within the community just like our heterosexual counterparts.

Sydney Uni Queer Community – Sydney Uni Queer Community

Students and staff from the University of Sydney come together to celebrate their pride! A collaborative effort by the Queer Action Collective, Queer Revue, and SHADES, the float will be a spectacular tribute to the queer community at Sydney Uni.

Shellharbour Shag Harders – Let’s inspire your inner desire! “In the house of Love”

The Shellharbour Shag Harders will excite and ignite people’s inner desire and passion. They will ‘inspire your inner desire’ by dressing in individual, sexy, red & black, flamboyant costumes.

WASAMBA – Wasamba

Wasamba Fremantle's Carnival drummers. A community driven drumming group based in the city of Fremantle and established in 2003, performing tonight with their dancers, the Eco-Faeries. This unique and colourful extravaganza is a musical mash of Rio-style percussion, funk, rock and reggae.

Coffs Harbour LGBTQI Community Social Group – Coffs Harbour LGBTQI Social Community Group

Coffs Harbour LGBTQI Community Social Group represents many people from their community and their float will offer a strong message of love and mutual respect. Bringing together family and friends to foster harmony among everyone. 

Perth Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence – Abbey of the Black Swan

Sisters from the Abbey of the Black Swan, Order of Perpetual Indulgence, Perth, Western Australia.
Their Float will honour their newest Saint, the Blessed President Obama, and his Inauguration message of equality and recognition, while also spreading Universal Joy and Love to the Gathered Faithful at Mardi Gras, and to everyone in Sydney.

Miss Gay and Miss Transsexual Australia – Miss Gay & Miss Transsexual Australia

Miss Gay & Miss Transsexual Australia started as an annual alternative beauty pageant for gay men, cross-dressers, drag queens and transsexuals. It has since grown in proportion and presence not only in Victoria but also interstate. Their float will encompass the overall message of “Awareness for better understanding and acceptance of the transgender community”.

SAWC – Save Assange Wikileaks Coalition – Free Bradley Manning, Save Wikileaks

Bradley Manning was a gay 22yo systems analyst in Iraq under US 'don't ask, don't tell' military regime, when after bearing witness to war crimes, he was ordered to commit war crimes & could stand it no longer. The SAWC float is to raise awareness of both Bradley Manning's & Julian Assange's plights, especially Bradley as he has been incarcerated for 3 years without trial, 11 months in solitary confinement without his reading glasses or reading material.

Darlene’s Transexual Angels – Darlene’s Transexual Angels

Darlene’s Transexual Angels will each take on a different persona and adventurous costume to celebrate 35 years of Sydney Mardi Gras. Alike to a Victoria Secret Fashion Show with a twist, this avant-garde float will be sure to capture great attention. 

Sydney Gaymers – Sydney Gaymers: 8-bit Love

Sydney Gaymers is an inclusive group for LGBT individuals and allies who enjoy gaming and geek culture. Their first entry in Mardi Gras is titled "8-bit Love" and shows that even nerds know how to have a good time.

Duncan Hills – The Village Puppets

Two guys with one wish: to celebrate the legend of The Village People at Mardi Gras! But what do you do when you've run out of friends?!? Easy! Build four new friends and turn them in to giant lifesize puppets! We give you: The Village Puppets! You know the moves, altogether now...

Snatch and Grab – Girlthing – The Swinging 60’s

The Girlthing float is a colourful burst of flower power! Playing upon the ultimate Generation of Love, the Hippy era, The Girlthing float is a psychedelic burst of flowers, colour, free love and plenty of hugs. Picture over size flowers, giant peace signs, the ultimate in colour, a groovy DJ and messages of peace, love and equality. With the Girlthing team in matching tye-dye and dance moves, the Girlthing float will be one to remember.

Optus – Sharing  The Love This Mardi Gras

The Optus float will truly represent the diversity of Optus people. They’re sharing the love this Mardi Gras through the colour, form and pattern of playful and idealistic retro-glamour.

Cherebrate Good Times – Cherebrate Good Times

Engage Celebrants are proud to be the first marriage celebrant group to march in support of marriage equality in Sydney Mardi Gras. Through the many commitment ceremonies they’ve performed they know there is no difference in the depth of love and dedication and they can’t wait until every loved up couple, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, can legally marry in Australia.

GLADD (Gay & Lesbian Association of Doctors & Dentists) – Caring For You 365 Days of the Year

GLADD  are The Gay and Lesbian Association of Doctors and Dentists and they wish to get one message out loudly and proudly to their community – “We are here to care for YOU 365 days of the year.”

Metropolitan Church Sydney – Love is Divine

'Love is Divine' is this year’s message from Metropolitan Community Church Sydney. The wacky, sequenced and glittering recreation of a heaven scene is a celebration of the full diversity of ways we as individuals and a broader community bring heaven to earth through simply loving each other and in doing so mirror the love of God for all creation.

Freedom2B – Support. Hope. Life

Freedom2b is a network of LGBTI people from Christian backgrounds. It's a non-judgmental group and a safe place that assists people in answering questions about their faith versus sexuality or gender identity. The message they are presenting at this year’s Sydney Mardi Gras is ‘Break Free’ augmented by freedom2b's core value of support, hope and life. This message captures the need of many within freedom2b to break free from the internal conflict and trauma which is experienced in many of our journeys.

Dayenu – Sydney’s Jewish GLBT Group - Mazeltov

Dayenu - Sydney’s Jewish GLBT group is saying MAZELTOV! (Congratulations). Celebrating 13 years of marching in Mardi Gras, their Bar Mitzvah theme features rainbow prayer shawls (tallit) and pink head coverings (kippot) and a glittering Magen Doved (Jewish Star). They march for greater tolerance, more acceptance, and many celebrations to come.

Kabbalah Centre Australia – Australian Students of Kabbalah

The Kabbalah Centre Australia’s message is one of unity, peace, love and human dignity. In 2013, they want to express their individuality through understanding, that love is unconditional and that by working together as one big family without prejudice we can move mountains.

Acceptance Sydney - Living Our Lives and Living Our Faith

Acceptance Sydney has been providing a safe and spiritual place for the LGBTQI community and their friends and family since 1972. Affirming their Catholic faith and dignity, this year they present the message “Living our Lives and Living our Faith”.

Anglican Gays – Sydney Anglicans Come Out!

SYDNEY ANGLICANS COME OUT is partly a statement of fact as many gays in the church have done exactly that, and partly a wish, because the Sydney Anglican Diocese is directly opposed to equality for gay people. Anglican Gays celebrate the good things in Anglicanism and the contribution made by gay people to the life of the church in its bishops, priests, laity, choristers, bellringers, sunday school teachers, vergers, sacristans, church wardens and altar servers. Gay, free and C of E !

Sydney Queer Atheists – Higgs Boson: The godless particle

Sydney Queer Atheists are celebrating the Higgs Boson, the 'godless' particle, a recent scientific discovery which brings us one step closer to understanding how the universe was formed. The more we know about how our world works, the less we need deities to explain our ignorance and the better we can move beyond religious traditions to full equality and acceptance for all people in all kinds of relationships.

The Greens – Doin’ Equality For Generations

A representation of The Greens work on full equality for LGBTI people and their families. A celebration of the recently retired Bob Brown who pioneered gay rights in the 70s, their contribution to law reform in the 90s, especially in Tasmania where Christine Milne's bill to decriminalise homosexuality was successful, and their work for marriage equality including many bills over many years.

Rainbow Labor – Rainbow Labor

This year Rainbow Labor is celebrating 30 years of an LGBTIQ movement within the Australian Labor Party. Their float celebrates the many reforms they have achieved under Labor governments, while they continue to fight for full equality for all LGBTIQ Australians.

Sydney Liberals - It is OK to be Liberal and gay

Members and politicians wanting to convey the message that ‘It is OK to be Liberal and gay”. Over 100 people will march in support of the LGBTQI community and the Liberal party.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore and Alex Greenwich MP – Generations of Action

“Generations of Action” celebrates the action for equality over time of Lord Mayor Clover Moore and Alex Greenwich MP the new independent Member for Sydney. Their work over 25 years includes relationships recognition, age of consent, adoption, anti-discrimination and marriage equality. They continue to support new generations to keep up the fight for equality.

CITY OF SYDNEY – Happy 35th Mardi Gras

The GLBTIQ community is on the verge of total equality. National support for the cause has never been stronger. Join the City of Sydney in 2013 as they celebrate and congratulate Sydney Mardi Gras on 35 years of love and pride.

Canterbury/Bankstown Gay & Lesbian Community Group – Out of the Kennel

This organisation aims to provide a social outlet, support and advocacy for the gay and Lesbian Community through social events, activities and projects. Their float will be blue and white as the generations of Bulldogs come “Out of the Kennel” to show “Progress though Cultural Diversity”.

Rainbow Visions Hunter Inc – Rainbow Visions Hunter

Newcastle is a fantastic place to live, work and holiday for the LGBTIQ community. Rainbow Visions Hunter Inc are proud of the diverse LGBTIQ groups in their community and celebrate aspects of the natural beauty and local industry of Newcastle and the Hunter Region.

Urumbe - Urumbe

Urumbe are a Uruguayan Cultural Performing group committed to helping the Australian community through cultural enrichment. Their float’s message will be “that we are all equal and we all deserve the same rights and privileges in Australia and worldwide.”

Miss Wagga Wagga – Miss Wagga Wagga  

Miss Wagga Wagga will be turning heads as fabulous Queens delight the crowd and is set to steal the show. She’s conveying messages of fun and fabulous love at Mardi Gras.

Camp-Berra – Queens’ Capital – From Canberra With Love

Camp-berra is celebrating 30 years as a parade entrant and they are getting bigger and stronger by the day. They are a community run group whose float will show that the capital of Australia has a heart that beat with love and hope.

Centenary of Canberra – Centenary of Canberra celebrating 100 years of LGBTQI in Australia’s capital

The Centenary of Canberra is a year-long program celebrating the 100 years since the naming of our nation’s capital. The ACT Government has been a leader in changing legislation to remove discrimination against same sex couples and this year’s float will also celebrate ‘our journey to becoming the most LGBTQI inclusive city in Australia”.

Capital Queers – Raising the Flag – Celebrating 100 Years of Pride in Canberra!

Capital Queers is a marching group from Canberra, representing people from the complete spectrum of the queer community - young and old. Proving that even in Canberra, pride is strong.

Carmen Rupe Memorial Trust – My Polynesian Love

Aiming to build a community organisation in the spirit of Carmen Rupe, working to educate, empower and engage the community on issues of social disadvantage. Their float will display a message of diversity under the sun, integration of colour and culture, love and happiness.

Thai’d Together – Thai’d Together

Thai'd Together represents Thai GLBTI in Sydney; Thai people tied in love, friendship & harmony. This float will celebrate being gay and proud of it through spectacular costumes and individuality.

Asian Marching Boys – For Every Heart That Beats

Asian Marching Boys and Friends – For Every Heart That Beats – Promoting Unity, Tolerance & Acceptance, celebrating Diversity and seeking an end to Racism and Discrimination in a vibrant, colourful and uplifting way!

FLAGCOM and Friends – Mardi Gras Queen of the Night – 4th Encounter of the 3rd Kind

“Cover it  . Lube it . Slide it . Jerk it.  Shoot it . Get Satisfied . Get Protected. Get Freedom . Get it?  Yup...THAT’S IT!” The Mardi Gras Queen of the Night and her Regal Counsel PROMOTE SAFE SEX.

Kimonomania – Kimonomanio

Celebrating the emerging ‘openness’ of the LGBTQi community within Japan and bridging of the Japanese and Australian LGBTQI community. This float promotes the message of “Why Not?”

Freedom Angels – All People Are Free

A group of dynamic and glamorous Thai Drag Queens in spectacular costumes. Relishing the joy that freedom of expression can bring and showing both young people and the disempowered just how celebrated and safe you can be!

Bertie Page and the Brisbane Burlesquers – Rainbow Stage

Featuring different performers from various Burlesque clubs, this float will celebrate the wonderful artists who make up the LGBTQI nightlife scene. From drag queens and kings to go-go dancers and musicians, Bertie Page salutes their valuable contribution to the community.

Out Clothing – Love Out

Out Clothing makes women’s clothes for men and men’s clothes for women. Their entry celebrates everyone’s right to wear what they what and to celebrate their sexual orientation through physical clothing expression.

NSW Women’s Refuge Movement – Generations of Love Celebrating 35 years of Diversity  

As Mardi Gras celebrates their 35 year anniversary, the NSW Women’s Refuge Movement will reflect the generations of strong women that have shown support for the LGBTQI communities

LOTL – BOY Award 2013

LOTL Magazine has been Australia’s lesbian magazine since 1989. The Boy Award is a yearly competition to crown the bachelorette of the year – the float will invite all BOY’s and their friends to march and celebrate the end of the competition and its winner.

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras - Generations of Women

To help celebrate the role that women have played in establishing the communities we appreciate today, Sydney Mardi Gras is building the biggest float for women this parade has ever seen, which tells the story of struggle, revolution, celebration and strength that women have in finding their voices over the past 35 years. With three distinct yet joined sections, up to 300 women marching, amazing costumes inspired from older parades, plus brand new ones, it is estimated this float will be up to two blocks long and be one to be remembered for many years to come.

Glen & Friends (Wizard of Oz)

Wizard of Aus is loosely based on the movie, featuring Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Centre Point Tower imagery. It’s colourful, full of sequins, holographic fabric, feather and mirror balls, everything you want from Mardi Gras.

OzFurs – Cirque du Fur

OzFurs is a community of people who love anthropomorphic animals and cartoons that they connect with via artwork, costuming and storytelling. Their inspiration this year is taken from the latest Madagascar movie. “Fur Power” circus was an amazing colourful explosion of Cirque du Soleil inspired animals and OzFurs wants to do a homage.

Queer Animal Liberation NSW – Queers with Pink Wigs to Save Pigs

Queers in Pink Wigs to Save Pigs is sponsored by Animal Liberation NSW and Addiction Food and their focus is on the plight of factory farmed pigs and sows in stalls. They asks viewers to "Have the balls, ban sow stalls and extend the LOVE!".

Harbour City Bears – Bear Essentials 17 – Get Your Bear On!

Harbour City Bears is about having fun and participating in the community. Their festival Bear Essentials are about having fun and promoting bear culture in the gay community. This year is their 17th year and they have gone back to basics with their Festival, which this year is called "Get Your Bear On!"

Sydney Leather Pride Assoc. Inc. – Showered with Love  

SLPA is an organisation for fetish or esoteric sexual practice individuals of all sexual orientations. Their float will send the message of ‘we exist and enjoy what we do’. Most people don’t understand what the SLPA do but they are ‘sane, fun loving, responsible perverts!’

Gay Tradies – Gay Tradies

Gay Tradies are a group of gay and straight tradies sending out a message to everyone that there are gay people all around us, including trades and services. Their float will capture jobs such electricians, chefs, plumbers and more.

Vagine Regime – Celebrating Love and Support of Queer Roller Derby

The Vagine Regime aims to build an international community of queer derby folk. Roller Derby accepts all comers, short, tall, old, young, fit, not so fit, skinny, large, gay or straight. A solid message of inclusiveness.

The Other Team – The Other Team

A group that supports LGBTQI people in getting out there and becoming a part of their community through sports events and sporting activities. The Other Team float will portray strong message of equal rights and community involvement.

The Fitness Fairies – Dennis The Love Truck transporting LGBTQIs through generations of love

The Fitness Fairies are a group made up of LGBTQIs and non-LGBTQIs promoting fitness in the LGBTQI community regardless of age, race, size or body type. They will be celebrating ‘Generations of Love’ through a nostalgic tapestry of LGBTQI culture, music and icons all aboard Dennis the Love Truck.

Skydivers - Skydivers

Skydivers are a diverse bunch with a desire to live life to the fullest and be happy,  that's why gay lesbian, bi and straight skydivers from around the country have come here to march to show their acceptance of the GLBTQI community within skydiving and towards the greater community.

Crush Women’s Touch Club - Crush

Crush are a lesbian touch football team created to provide a positive avenue for healthy living choices, socialising and fun within our internal and external communities. They promote participation, belonging and equality in acceptance with a team philosophy of being to be the best people they can be.

Aqualicious – Fitness, Friendship and Fun

Aqualicious is Brisbane's masters swim team supporting friends and members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex community. They do this in the masters swimming tradition of fitness, friendship and fun. Members from the Melbourne Glamourhead Sharks and Sydney Wett Ones will also be joining them for the parade in a symbol of interstate support and friendship.

Team Sydney – United Sports Birthday Celebration

Team Sydney upholds the need for sport, fitness and healthy lifestyles within the GLBT community. They encourage and promote GLBT sporting activities and their float aims to further the wellbeing of GLBT sports organisations and individual participants.

Newtown Breakaways – Newtown Breakaways Womens AFL Club

Come and play women’s AFL! The Newtown Breakaways would love more women to be involved in the sport; the more they get it out there, the bigger the league will become.

Sydney RAMS Ten Pin Bowling Club – Rams’ 30th Anniversary

Sydney RAMS is celebrating 30 years of out and proud tenpin bowling. They will be honouring their past, present and future members and celebrating cheekily with the question “Who has the biggest heaviest balls in sport? We do.”

Sydney Convicts – Eradicate homophobia and promote inclusion in sport

Sydney Convicts are Australia’s first gay inclusive Rugby Union Club. By marching in the parade, they aim to eradicate homophobia and promote inclusion in sport.

Sydney Stingers Water Polo – Sydney Stingers Water Polo

This year the Stingers have taken advantage of the "Generations" theme to celebrate the 80's. With their 'suped-up' version of the Pointer Sisters classic 1984 hit 'Jump', along with choreography by the fabulous award winning choreographer Decoda Secret, they're set to get the crowd wetter than they themselves get playing water polo!"

RailCorp – Everybody is Equal

RailCorp provides metropolitan passenger rail services via CityRail and long distances via Countrylink. Over 100 employees, their partners and family members will march with the float embodying the message that RailCorp supports gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex people.

Google – Legalise Love: LBGT Rights Are Human Right

Google has offices all around the word and their policies on non-discrimination are universal. Their float will portray the message of “Legalise Love” and is their drive to ensure that all of their employees have the same inclusive experience outside of the office as they do at work.

Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir – Love on Broadway

With our float "Love on Broadway", Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir is celebrating the generations of love and support shown to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex community by the Broadway/musical theatre industry.

Amnesty International Australia NSW LGBTQI Network – Amnesty International: Fighting Bad Guys Since 1961

All around the world people are persecuted because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, and in 75 countries people can be prosecuted and in 8 countries executed. Join our band of LGBTQI superheroes and Amnesty International to defend generations of love in all its forms.

NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby – GLRL XXV

Having reached their huge milestone of 25 years of fighting for equality, The NSW GLRL will be celebrating their own anniversary together with Mardi Gras’. They will also be acknowledging the work of the hundreds of volunteers who have worked on the changes that they have achieved.

Equal Love Army – Life is Beautiful

'Life Is Beautiful' is a dance tribute to the brothers and sisters that suicide has stolen from us and a celebration of the beauty of life. We hope to inspire people to love and celebrate themselves and remind them that something wonderful is about to happen ... just live through the moment and see

Illawara rising – Equal or Zobie. Equality won’t Bring the Zombie Apocalypse

Throughout History we've expanded people's minds, yet some still think we're here to eat them. When will people begin to see that equality isn't the end of the world, just a no-brainer?

Pride In Diversity – Workplace Pride

Pride in Diversity is about supporting organisation to be inclusive of the LGBTIQ community. When an organisation is inclusive employees can be themselves which results in workplace pride and people are happy to go to work each day and perform their best which is what we'll be celebrating with our group.

Hot Khandi – Warriors for Love

Hot Kandi uses the timeless love story of Cleopatra and Mark Antony as our way of saying that all love is worth fighting for. The Hot Kandi Warriors For Love are fighting for breast cancer awareness, and above all, the right to love equally and have acceptance and tolerance for different forms of love.

Teresa Kompara – Teresa Kompara  

Teresa will once again showcase a stunning gown as she sashays down the parade route. Showing off her fabulous dance skills, Teresa will have all eyes popping!

Rainbow Recovery Club – Freedom in Love in Recovery

Rainbow recovery club provides a safe meeting place, primarily for gay, lesbian and transgender people, for a 12 step program to aid in the recovery from alcoholism, drug and other addictions. They will be promoting living a clean and sober existence, and offering a support network for those in need.  

Sydney Homotones – Setting the Tone for Generations

The Sydney Homotones plays tribute to the '78-ers with music from the decade that saw change in Sydney. Harmoniously we celebrate the strength of this generation in liberating expressions of love for future generations.

Sweeties from the Sea from Little Conwong – Sweties of the Sea from Little Conwong

This is a group of gay, lesbian and straight friends who are spread throughout the globe but reunite every Mardi Gras. As they march they remember those who have gone, cherish the love of great friendships and fight for marriage equality, equal love and equal rights.

Engage Celebrants – Engage Celebrants Supports Marriage Equality - Tie the Knot with Us

Newcastle is a fantastic place to live, work and holiday for the LGBTIQ community. We are proud of the diverse LGBTIQ groups in our community and celebrate aspects of the natural beauty and local industry of Newcastle and the Hunter Region.

Community Action Against Homophobia – Generations of Protest  

As the organisers of Sydney's vibrant demonstrations for equal marriage rights, 'Generations of Protest' by Community Action Against Homophobia will be celebrating how the queer community got to where we are today and how we can win a world free from discrimination. Get a history lesson from the Years of Protest placards and note the banner calling people out for the next marriage equality rally '25th May @ 1pm Town Hall'.

M5. FGNHappy – Gays on a Boat – Jump on  Board for Equality

Fgnhappy is social group of LGBTQI & Straight friends, founded out of unquestioning love and support. As 'GAYS ON A BOAT' Fgnhappy are sailing into 10 years of Mardi Gras and ask all Australians to 'JUMP ON BOARD FOR EQUALITY'. Our parade float is dedicated to our great friend Ben Roper!

Australian Marriage Equality – Marriage Equality Champions

"Marriage Equality has more public and parliamentary support than ever before. This year Australian Marriage Equality is celebrating the champions that have made the reform happen: YOU! With and election set for September 14th it is more important than ever before that supporters vote for equality"

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras – Marry the Night

It’s a nice day for a black wedding….. A surprise finale float that will make you forget everything you thought you knew about the marriage ceremony…..




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