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The Finalists


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Lisa, NSW

If you could rule the world what is the first thing you would change? I’d give everyone equal rights, such as allowing same-sex couple to marry and to have the same rights as everybody else. I feel like that this is the biggest issue we all face on a day-to-day basis. No discrimination for the world equals a world where we can all live in peace.

How would your friends describe yourself? Well, my best friend Emily describes me as: "Amazing, caring, selfless, fiercely loyal, patient. One time when I hit a low point and wanted to give up on my  studies, Lisa cancelled all her plans for the day and took me on an adventure to the art gallery and the botanical gardens where she had me forget all my troubles. She reminded me why I was there and showed me things weren't as bad as they seemed. Lisa is the friend who would do anything for me and anyone else she cares about. She’s dedicated to whatever she sets her mind to, and is amazingly artistic. She's creative and inspires me to do things I'd never think I could do. And whomever she ends up with, should consider themselves one of the most blessed people in the world, as time spent with Lisa is time you appreciate forever."

Would you do anything for love? Yes, I would do anything that is conductive in a monogamous and healthy relationship. If I were Altus I would pull stars from the sky. If I were Poseidon I would dry up streams and use the water to grow flowers where ever she may be so she can always walk in beauty...but alas I am mortal, so short of the miraculous, sky's the limit.

You’re writing your own wedding vows – what would they say? Past my mind, beyond my heart, I love you from my soul. And that’s the space where only you and I, together we grow old.

What qualities do you think our BOY should embody? They should defy the cliché. Lesbians are more than just short hair and butch clothing. Each female has her own sense of identity, and I think the BOY should represent that. They need to be honest, down to earth and yet still know how to have a good time and really make the most of life, even if life throws them a curved ball. They know how to deal with it and know when they have to be strong and also know when it's all right to be vulnerable.

Cat or dog? Gosh thats a hard one. But it would have to be a cat, as I have one and well Willow...he is my little man.

Bath or shower? Shower cause when you are under it it's like all your worries are being washed away.

Beach or Pool? The beach is the place to be for me. I spend too long at the pool for work so whenever I can, I get to the beach.

To vote for Lisa text her name to 0466907017 or vote below now.

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