LOTL Rescue

LOTL (Life On The Line) Rescue aims to help eliminate homeless and abused animals.


The mission of LOTL Rescue is to rescue, rehabilitate and give shelter to misplaced, injured and abused animals. It is a non-profit organisation raising funds to establish and operate an animal rescue sanctuary.

LOTL Rescue is an emergency rescue for all animals with a focus on rehabilitation and re-homing for domestic pets. With qualified staff, a no-kill shelter and a de-sexing clinic, LOTL Rescue aims to create a second chance for animals in need.

LOTL Rescue is currently raising funds to buy a suitable property within 2 hours of the Sydney CBD. We are searching for that perfect acreage that is something we can grow into, not out of.

Our goal is to have no more homeless or abused animals.

To get involved email rescue@lotl.com or visit us on Facebook.

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