Help these cats find a home

Well known social snapper Ann Marie Calihanna has been tirelessly working to rehome stray cats.



Three years ago a colony of 22 cats was found in Ashfield by social snapper Ann-Marie Calihanna. Since that day Calihanna has been trielessly campaigning to rehome the wayward moggies. Now, , there are 5 cats left who  are going to be hunted, trapped and put down in a matter of weeks without our help.

Ann-Marie has found a for-ever home on a farm for the remaining members of the colony but we need your help in setting it up to be cat-friendly and safe. This means putting in appropriate shelter and fencing to keep other predators out and these babies safe.

Ann Marie and her supporters are trying to raise $6000  to build shelter and fencing, and will be running a second campaign for $4000 to contribute to Vet bills, food, transportation and rehabilitation costs.

Even $5 can help to get these cats to a safe, warm environment where they will be safe for the rest of their lives.

To read more about Ann Marie's quest to rehome all these cats and to help raise fund for the final five hit up the link below. and  help her to  provide a loving and safe home for Diva, Hissy, Mamma, Sam and Swipey.

Read more and donate HERE

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