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Janet King S03E06 Recap: Oh Dear Janet, What Have You Done?

Maxine runs for it, Mystery Man is discovered and Janet mucks things up with Bianca.




Ugh. Graham is back and getting himself right in between our lovely lesbians – but only because silly Janet has welcomed him in. Bianca is not a happy camper, and who can blame her? To be perfectly honest, I’m feeling more than a little wracked with anxiety (shall we say really, really wracked with anxiety – almost to the point of feeling a little nauseated if I dwell on it too much) as I so want these two to have the happy ending that they deserve – and we as their lesbian audience deserve them to have. Is Graham’s insistent working his way into Janet’s life going to go be the one thing on which Bianca will make a firm stand? Is this the BIG RELATIONSHIP CONFLICT we have all been expecting?


It harks back to the two interviews I did at the start of the series with Marta D and Anita H. Marta commented, “There’s a scene towards the end where Janet makes the biggest mistake in the relationship, and you think, ‘Don’t… No! Can’t you see what you’re…? No!’ Her blindness comes back – she’s in love, so she takes for granted the rest and not everyone works that way,” and also, “But what does that then do to Bianca, who is the closest thing to family for Janet, because she doesn’t get on with her mum, and now she’s learnt to love again, and so when the old family comes in and says ‘You’re mine… and these children are mine,’ what does that do to the new family that’s been created?” This is perhaps echoed in the comments made by Anita, “Bianca’s not going to push Janet or issue an ultimatum; she’s going to leave that to the last resort because she doesn’t want the horse to bolt. And I think if Bianca did that, Janet would cut and run. So she’s holding in there and holding in there, but you can see that it’s wearing Bianca a bit, and you can see that she isn’t the ‘bouncy happy’ Bianca that she was at the beginning. But perhaps Bianca may have to do for Janet what Janet can’t do for herself, in terms of challenging what the future may be for that relationship. But there are lots of ups and downs along the way, and it’s complicated, like relationships are.”


Here we are being all happy and living together in domestic bliss.


And they all lived happily ever after. Thank you. The End.


Oh no, I have to now recount this ep, and it’s hard because I am still somewhat traumatised, but here we go. Now there are a few theories floating around on the identity of the “Big Boss” of the syndicate – one particular one made by a friend of mine (hi Anne) of someone flying under the radar just nicely – but gee whizzy it makes sense. If she’s right – and I’m thinking she very well may be – I will let you all know, and she’ll win all the Miss Marple awards… but I won’t say now because if she is right – SPOILERS!


Episode starts with a busy morning in the King (minus Bianca) household as Janet is getting the kids ready for school. Morning news is on, and suddenly Graham is on. The Australian Securities Commission is investigating him for breaches of the company code, in that he’s been accused of issuing a fraudulent prospectus in order to attract investors. This man is just a regular entitled upper-middle class rich white dude, happy to rip off ‘mum and dad investors’ for his own financial means. Janet quickly flicks the TV off telling the concerned kids he’ll sort it out.


Disgusting privilege oozes from every pore of his wrinkled skin.


Bonnie calls – Janet high tails it in to work, as one Darren Faulks has turned himself in wanting a chat. It was Maxine, apparently, that told Oliver Pittman to bowl the wide. Faulks knows it all because ‘we’re mates and she told me’ - he gives all the details, where she was sitting, what she was wearing, how it was organised… and that all hell broke loose when it wasn’t called. “Not very ‘matey’ to turn her in to the NCC”, suggests Janet. “I’m no fool sweetie, but when Graham King dobbed me in as a salary cap cheat, I figured you’d be pegging me as Mr Big.”


Hang on…. Back it up just a moment or two. He called Janet SWEETIE? He called JANET KING sweetie… and she didn’t jump all over his sexist arse? What is this world coming to?? But they carry on, and while the rest of the DT think he’s fairly on the up with what he’s told them, Janet thinks maybe he’s setting Maxine (still unreachable) to be the fall guy for the whole thing, especially when she’s not here to defend herself. Bonnie comments, “Maxine’s either dead or gone.” Or still in the act of trying to get away. Janet takes a bit of time out and goes over to the DPP where Lina is prepping Pearl to give evidence in Flynn’s trial. As she heads out the door, a concerned Bianca follows her and asks if she saw the news this morning. Janet’s cool reply of simply, ‘yeah’, leaves Bianca looking a bit disconcerted at her non-reaction.


You’re giving me nothing to work with here King…


Meanwhile at his office Richard is handed the brief to defend Flynn, and he can’t hand that shit off fast enough. Talk about hot potato. At the DPP, Pearl is not enjoying the questions Lina is running through with her and is completely gobsmacked when she realises that Flynn won’t have to take the stand and that the defence will try and make it look like she’s lying. “He fucked me heaps of times, of course I remember!” Lina doesn’t want to proceed, telling Janet that Pearl’s already nervous and confused at this stage, but Janet – in her single-minded “I must save this child and get that arse behind bars” – insists that Lina keep going, because ‘she has no-one but the law on her side advocating for her safety’. The shot of them in silhouette talking in the corridor reflects beautifully the chances they have in reality of actually winning this case. During the conversation Snake-Oil Owen has been listening in to Janet’s altruistic intentions, and probably not getting exactly the kinds of answers he wants. When Janet drops Pearl off at her apartment, and goes looking for some painkillers for Pearl’s headache, she finds a box of Oxycodone – the really heavy drugs given to Clay to kill himself. “I took a bunch of stuff from his bathroom,” Pearl tells Janet.


I’m guessing you didn’t just find these lying on a footpath somewhere?


Janet takes them to Andy – the only cop in Sydney (other than Bianca, but she’s a Fed), and surprise, surprise, the batch numbers match i.e. Flynn must know who Mystery Man is. Bianca wants to bring Flynn in, but Janet wants to hold off to get closer to Flynn’s court date to make him really nervous and more likely to talk to try and do a deal. Janet’s 100% sure Flynn’s going down. Bonnie calls, Dorothy is booked on a flight to Kansas (i.e. Perth, where this particular writer resides, but the way it’s used in Aus TV drama to mean ‘the end of the earth’, it may as well be Kansas), and then her alter-ego Maxine is off to Capetown (or it could be that Perth is, in fact, the stopover point between Sydney and South Africa).


Maxine can’t leave – the only thing they have is an order to appear before the NCC, no outstanding arrest warrants, so once she’s gone, she’s free to never come back. So the heat is on. I must say – things get SUPER SEXY when Bianca goes all federal cop on us, and does the big chase, as she and Wayne take off, sirens blaring, to the airport to try and intercept Dorothy before the tornado hits. And it hits big time. Bianca spots her trying to get into the lift, and as Wayne arrives, she punches him in the belly, knocks him between the shoulder blades and he’s DOWN as Bianca arrives to save Wayne and save the day. #LesbiansDoItBest


No comment. Just lesbian cop hotness.


A make-up-less and bedraggled Maxine sits at the NCC – a far-cry from the immaculate, self-confident woman we’ve seen to this point in the show. She claims to have nothing to do with it, but is running because “he’ll” kill me if I stay. Darren Bloody Faulks, according to Maxine, is the one pulling the strings. Janet quickly works out that Maxine and Faulks are lovers and that was how he got access to the players whose strings he was pulling. She had been happy enough to go along with it at the start, as “it was just about money, no-one was getting hurt.” But after Oliver and Clay he started asking for more names from her client list, and that was “when I knew I needed to get the fuck out of Dodge or I’d end up under a bus too.” No, there haven’t been any specific threats, but he’ll know, he’ll find out I’ve been talking to you lot.” (Leak at the NCC??? Wayne? Bonnie? Can’t be any of our original DT. Or maybe Devious Graham has Janet’s place bugged and is hearing the conversations between Janet and Bianca when they’re ‘out of hours’… ooh I think I just hit upon a theory – an unlikely one, but you just never know!).


Do you think I would walk out my front door looking like this if I weren’t scared shitless of what’s gonna happen to me?


Don’t believe you.


I do.


Thinking about it.


I’m a dead woman.


Tony tells her if it goes to trial she’ll have to testify and she point-blank refuses, despite him telling her she may be jailed for being found in contempt. “Well woopty-fucking-doo, at least I won’t be dead! And that’s what happens when you cross Darren Faulks.” (Even in her lowest of low moments, Maxine still gets all the best lines…) She completely breaks down and begs them to let her go “for my life.” J&B are talking – they can’t keep her in the country anyway, when Bonnie does what she hasn’t done since ep1 and calls Janet ‘Jaz’, although this time she takes it in her stride. Thousands of new betting accounts have been opened, but no bets placed – they’re waiting for Faulks’ next big fix (if indeed it is Faulks, but it’s only ep6, so I smell a red herring here! He’s in it, but he’s not Mr Big – he’s working for someone, perhaps my friend’s theory person from earlier in the recap).


Richard goes to visit Lina –She’s not only finally decided to sit the bar, but she recognises his guilty face and gets him to ‘fess up to sleeping with Lucy Baldwin. He also tells her he witnessed Pearl being sexually assaulted and he did nothing. Good Richard with a conscience has shown that he still exists somewhere beneath the surface of arsehole Richard that we’ve seen so much more of in this series. I like Lina’s line to him, “You’re not a bad person. In fact you’re such a good person that you’re not used to it when you make a mistake like the rest of us, and make an error of judgement or two.”


Is my transition to total arse now complete?


Bonnie’s having drinks with Owen again and invites herself to the Premier’s ball – for making mutually beneficial contacts. They’re both fishing for info, Owen’s asking if ‘Queen Janet is still the cleverest person in the room’, and Bonnie says, “well she kind of is. Although I will shoot myself if I ever become that uptight”… [Janet is NOT uptight, alright, she’s mostly perfect with just a few bits here and there that could do with a little loosening up]… “and she’s like a dog with a smelly old bone – she just digs and digs until she’s sniffed it out” [Bonnie this is dangerous territory here – I do NOT appreciate your analogy!]. Oh God Owen makes me want to puke. As he’s going all goo-goo and holding Bonnie’s hands and caressing her fingers, he asks if ‘the bone is shaped like Darren Faulks’. Bonnie snatches her hand away, saying, “I can’t tell you that you cheeky shit,” but after his years on the police force and working his way up to the head of the DPP, it would appear he’s found out what he needs to know. GET AWAY FROM HIM BONNIE!! Or someone is likely to set Cornelia Francis onto your arse!


Ick, ick, a thousand times, ick.


*Not so cute lesbian moment alert* (sad face)


Back at Janet’s house, whilst being almost adorable and preparing for a family meal together with the kids, J&B are having a discussion about Pearl’s accommodation arrangements. This is the first time we’ve really seen them disagree about anything other than the way to approach something at work. Janet is saying putting Pearl in the apartment was the only option – alcoholic mother and abusive father not an option, share houses are drug dens (both good points); B suggests shelters, foster care; J points out that shelters are for short term crises and foster care takes too long… I thought you agreed? Bianca points out that J had already made the decision, and she just wishes she talked to her about it first. Okay (pause) noted (pause), but it is my money, counters Janet. Ouch. ‘Money’s not the issue; it’s the sort of decision I thought we’d share.’ Janet – it’s communication and being a couple in a relationship that your delightful girlfriend is trying to get you to understand.


J: So is this what an argument between us feels like?
B: This is me standing up to you and your hard-headed ways.


Oh no. Okay, so I have to say it – and I’m sure this is exactly the reaction the producers / writers are wanting – I despise Graham. He rocks up unannounced, doesn’t do the ‘socially appropriate’ thing and defer to Janet when the kids ask him to stay and she says no in a round about way so as not to upset them, and then makes disparaging remarks about his daughter and her partner, even though he knows FULL WELL they are together. Despicable man. The look on Bianca’s face as she looks like she’s turned into a thundercloud that’s just stepped in dog poo is in total contrast to Janet’s, as she is falling under the spell of Graham’s charm – something that narcissistic psychopaths are very good at doing. She’s looking at him almost like a teenager who’s fallen in love for the first time, as she watches the kids’ watching him and the ‘neat party tricks’ he’s bringing out for them.


Please don’t look at him like that Janet. I might retch.


The kids head off to bed, and he says he needs to tell them something about Darren Faulks – Janet sits back ready to listen, while Bianca is all, “woah, woah, woah, stop it right there, you’ll need to come into the commission to do this properly.” And he’s drunk – too drunk to drive home, so instead of calling a taxi, which Janet makes to do, she invites him to stay; as in stay over; as in SLEEP AT HER PLACE. Oh dear... WHY JANET, WHY?? Bianca grabs her stuff and heads straight for the door, Janet’s a little confused by this – right now Janet, just a little heads up, YOU ARE NOT THE SMARTEST PERSON IN THE ROOM! Of course Bianca can’t stay with him in the house - you made your choice J, now live with the rotten, horribly, hurtful, stupid consequences (I’m talking about for all the lesbians, not just Bianca!). Janet tries to tell her she doesn’t understand what it’s been like between her father and her, and Bianca suggests, “you’re right – it would have been another thing that it might have been nice to have talked about.” Boom.


You can’t have it both ways Janet.


Janet goes upstairs and Graham is looking in on the kids (I swear my kids NEVER went to sleep that quickly). What does the old bastard want? A second chance at getting this parenting thing right? Well, even with a cognisant awareness of fucking things up the first time around, he’d still make the same mistakes again – except this time they’re someone else’s kids, so they’re not you’re mistakes to make.


So the court date, and despite Lina’s best efforts, Flynn’s lawyer manages to make it look like he thought she was 18 – she had an over-18s dating app on her phone and that was how she contacted him – and he’s found not guilty. Both Janet and Lina feel like they’ve let her down terribly. However, Wayne’s been doing some digging and found out that the Oxycodone that’s been floating around was stolen from a hospital where Flynn used to be a student. Circumstantial at best, says Janet, but possibly useful. Bonnie bounces in, and says that the mystery phone – the one that was used at Clay’s place, the very same one that’s been dead as a pair of corduroy flares – has been turned on. “Where is it?” asks Janet. “You’ll never guess,” replies Bonnie… “That’s why I asked,” monotones Janet. At that little pharmacy miles from anywhere that Eddie Cook went to that time – Cartwrights.


Bianca and Wayne are onto it. Love Bianca in cop mode! They ring the mystery phone, and the pharmacist picks it up. Soon they’ve marched him down to the basement and he says that he brings stuff in for Eddie, but the phone was something different. Some guy he’d never met before came in and told him he had to change some of his orders, and when the stuff came in, turn on the phone and call the number. The stuff just came in and he was about to call when Bianca ‘wrong-numbered’ him. The phone man also told him that if he made trouble, he would have to choose between killing himself or him killing his granddaughter. Sound familiar? It’s our Mystery Man being his charming self again.


More lesbian cop hotness. Oh and the sidekick.


They bring him into the NCC and Janet plays the recording of MM threatening Clay. Is that him? Sure is. Wayne checks the phone – all the names in it are false, including Dorothy, the only legit one is Graham King (ever-so-slight-almost-imperceptible-flicker-of-discomfort crosses Janet’s face – nice work Ms Dusseldorp). Janet hands the phone to Mr Cartwright and asks him to make the call, while the DT puts a trace on his whereabouts. The poor bloke is shit-scared, and even though it isn’t “him” that picks up the phone, Bianca is all business when she gets Wayne to take him back to his pharmacy to hand over the product as agreed, and lets him know that they have a watch on his family and everything will be hunky-dory. Poor fella is still shitting himself.


We can be very persuasive, you know.


J&B have ‘work talk’ – all this stuff the pharmacy guy is bringing in makes MDMA (ecstasy), and Janet is feeling pretty smug that they’ve outsmarted Faulks who thinks he’s outsmarted them being in production of party drugs. Bonnie is jumping up and down to get Janet’s attention and Janet is really not all that interested – well about as interested as you would be in letting in a fly that’s bashing at your kitchen window from the outside.


Is it unprofessional to use bug spray on a colleague?


Bonnie – who’s now speaking about herself in the third person – plays Jaz some very interesting audio files. Richard having sex with Lucy Baldwin. No way is she making a call on these ones – archives or bin, she asks Janet. “It’s personal, we don’t need it.” Bonnie pushes it, “Your call – archives or bin?” Janet gives it a few moments thought. “Archives”, she replies slowly.


Oh dear God, you dragged me out here to make me listen to people having straight sex? Seriously? Gross. I should have bug sprayed you after all.


Tony is running the hearing for Janet’s father later in the afternoon, who has come in to tell them that other than the salary cap cheating he was a part of with Darren Faulks, Faulks once asked him to act as a spotter and identify up and coming sportsmen (not women, mind you – where’s the money in that shit?? >.<) who might want to supplement their match fees by becoming involved in match-fixing, all to benefit the gambling syndicate one would assume. Graham insists he laughed in his face and Faulks never asked him again. Later that evening, Janet and Bianca are heading out saying there’s no hard evidence on Faulks, but as soon as they finish this unimportant conversation, I just know they are going home to ‘talk’, ‘process’, be good lesbians and sort their shit out so they can book the removal truck as soon as possible. Janet is going to say she hears Bianca’s concerns about her being a poor communicator, but she’s always been like this, especially since Ash has been gone where she’s had to make all the decisions and it’s a habit she just needs to get herself out of. Bianca will say, I understand, and I know it’s hard, but I’m here and I need to be included in all parts of your life. And then they’ll have awesome make up sex and be a little late for work tomorrow because they’ll sleep through the alarm considering it was at least 3am when they got to sleep. And even when Bonnie annoys the crap out of them for getting there at 8.42 instead of 8.30, they’ll both be in a post (multiple) orgasmic haze and will just smile in her general direction and let it run straight off their loofahed-each-other’s backs… (Well a girl can dream, can’t she?)


But noooooooo… out of the shadows appears fucking Graham. “Leave you to it,” says Bianca as she strides out of frame, and there goes any chance of getting lucky tonight. Have I mentioned I can’t stand Graham? So off go Janet and Graham, he’s going to come back for leftover pesto with Janet and the kids… and then makes the silly mistake of asking if Tony will write a character reference for him saying how cooperative he’s been with the NCC, so that the ASC will go easier on him. Janet almost bursts a blood vessel, saying she knew that he must have had an agenda and she couldn’t believe she thought he was actually going to do something for someone else for a cha – O.M.G… I jumper about 3 feet out of my chair as MM grabs Janet and slams her up against the wall, while a couple of goons in masks kicks the living bejeebus out of old man Graham on the ground.


Heart rate through the roof (mine, not hers)


MM instructs Janet to keep watching, to remember his pain, remember her fear and ask no more questions. I seriously thought – and I bet you did too – that he was going to say, and if you keep going with this you’ll have to kill yourself or we’ll kill your kids. Thank fuck he didn’t, but there are still two episodes left. The goons take off and Janet rushes to him – he looks dead… she cradles his head and she calls him “Dad”. But he’s not dead, just pretty smashed about.


Dad… (stick with Graham, Janet, please)


But whom does Janet call? The cop? You know, the woman she’s in love with? The person who should be the #1 person she leans on in her times of worst upset and trouble? Nope. She calls Tony. Now I have nothing against Tony, in fact I’m rather fond of him, but he’s not Bianca! Janet – this man is not your girlfriend! So where is Bianca?? But Janet is very, very spooked by that voice. She tells Tony that she was warned not to ask any more question, that they kicked her dad to pieces, and that moments earlier she had been so angry with him that she had wanted to kick him herself. She also tells him that he only gave evidence to make himself look good for the Securities Commission, but as Tony says – doesn’t make the evidence false. (Or does it? Only if he’s not telling furphies). She looks down at his unconscious form on the bed and whispers, “He’s such an old bastard.” Yes Janet. Yes he is. Now let’s all practise this together – “Fuck off Graham, you old bastard.” There, doesn’t that feel better? But then she goes up and reaches out to him, says, ‘hey dad’ and ruins the ‘old bastard’ moment completely.


Next thing she’s home, alone (where’s Bianca? I’m going to say she was looking after the kids while all this was happening, that will make me feel better, and she went back to her place because Janet wanted some time to herself to think all about the terrible things that had happened, because she’s that type of person who internalises until she’s ready to deal with stuff. Best to let it out Janet, and let Bianca in at the same time, but who am I to judge how you deal with your emotions? At least you have your gorgeous woman to sleep with this season to help you put your trauma into your long-term memory…).


I am a coper, all on my own, I don’t need anybody else.


After Flynn’s acquittal, Janet and Pearl are talking when Pearl’s phone goes off and she sees that Nate Baldwin has just won his appeal and has been let out of prison. Janet is trying to reason with Pearl, but she’s only 15, so reason isn’t really going to work, especially when the whole justice system seems to be against her. As far as she’s concerned they’re “gonna go and have a laugh how they both fucked the Peratis.” Cut to Nate, Lucy and Richard walking out of court. Nate’s pretty grateful that Richard stuck by him – Richard and Lucy were the only ones who did. He doesn’t know what he’s gunna do, but it’s not gunna be play footy that’s for sure.


Richard heads off to his old mate Lina’s place for some debriefing, and it’s very cute that she and her daughter are watching ‘Play School’; a 50+ year Aussie kids’ TV institution, and one which Janet’s mum from last season spent at least 20 years as a presenter. Now where is that Benita? Richard explains his insecurities are manifested in sleeping with women who need rescuing (i.e. Lucy), but someone who really needed his help was Pearl Perati, but he did nothing. This is really eating him up inside, and so it should be. They both agree that they each failed her, and are soothed together watching the show they themselves would have grown up with. Gotta love bloody ‘Play School’!


Just because.


*Almost cute lesbian moment (until interrupted by Bonnie)*


Bianca approaches Janet at work the next day, and with a teensy weensy smile saying, “it’s okay, I understand,” asks about her father’s recovery. Janet’s reply, an equally teensy weensy smile and a nod, tells her, “thank you for asking, thank you for caring.” The acting that is happening in this few seconds is off the charts as both Marta D and Anita H say sooooooo much, just by their facial expressions. “He’s got a hard head.” More cute facial expressions, and a knowing glance at Bianca. “It must run in the family.” Adorable look that says, “I hear your apology…” and then, and then… Bonnie bursts in. “Ahem, someone’s picking up that supply from Cartwrights.” She so knows she interrupted something important, and the looks on their faces as they exit are saying – this is fucking shit timing!


All good?


Yeah, I’m sorry…



I get it.


Thank you xx


It’s Shannon Hinksman doing the pick up, and Wayne follows him to a gang with ties to the mafia. Janet estimates there’ll be half a mil changing hands, so tells Wayne to stay on the money, and Bianca calls another crew to get onto the mafia gang. Hinksman heads to the warehouse that he and Bianca searched earlier, presumably to drop off the cash and the phone he collected from Cartwright. Wayne then spots arson guy – who they don’t know at this stage is also MM. He also spots that MM is carrying a gun, so while he is in the warehouse, he gets out and smashes his tail-light so he can call the state cops onto him to get him for that. Bonnie is saying a thousand things at a thousand mph about why they should bring him in, but Janet, in a voice dripping with sarcasm says, “We don’t want to reveal we’ve been watching him.” Written all over her face is FFS BONNIE JUST SHUT UP!


Wayne being the big lovable doofus that he is, falls off the kerb and does his knee, but while he’s down on the ground, manages to get his phone into the broken tail-light (on Janet’s orders – you don’t think he thought of this himself, do you?) so that they can track him. She really is the smartest person in the room. Most of the time. “Is it in?” she yells at him (oh dear… I could have so much rude fun with that line… but I shall refrain), but yes it is he assures her, you can track him. He’s on the move – who’s available? Oh look, it’s Andy! The only cop in Sydney! Andy and partner catch up with him and Andy’s all cagey and nervous as shit, making him get out of the car and look at his broken tail-light (with the phone in it), and as MM goes to take his wallet from his pocket, Andy spots the gun, so next thing MM is on the ground in handcuffs.


Oh Wayne…


So, Mr Wesley John Foster is now in his very own hearing at the NCC. They show him the footage of him buying the gas bottle and general arsonist paraphernalia. He denies it’s him, changes his mind, and said he went to a mate’s barbie. Janet’s watching from another room, listening to that voice that threatened her, that threatened Clay’s kid, told Clay to kill himself… and all along he just has this smug-arsed-fuck-you look on his face. Bianca plays the recording, he says it’s not him, similar maybe, but voice recognition technology is not much chop, so it probably wouldn’t hold up in court. Wesley Foster is now locked up indefinitely for refusal to cooperate. Oh – and Wayne’s done his ACL. Out of action for weeks.


Classic thug-face.


That voice.


So the DT + Andy – Wayne = a new set of variables, but discussion is happening re getting to Faulks. Undercover, asks Bonnie? Well, you are talking to the undercover and surveillance QUEEN! Takes years as a cop to infiltrate, and to get someone on the inside to turn informer takes even longer, says Bianca. We need someone he already knows and trusts but outside his inner sanctum who can ingratiate themselves because he believes they’re compromised. Janet’s thinking face is on. “I know someone”. Richard’s goose is cooked. He’s in a room with Janet staring right at him, Tony standing across from him, and Bianca standing just behind him. “Does this make your request one I can’t refuse?” Tony suggests that he can always refuse, but this is in the interest of full disclosure, of protecting his reputation, of upholding the law against a scumbag who’s done some really bad, bad things. Looks like he has no choice.


Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.


Yes Richard. You’re in it up to your neck.


And here we are on the golf course. And wouldn’t you know it? Snake-Oil Owen has joined as the fourth for a round with none other than Darren Faulks himself. Just what exactly is the Director of the DPP up to now?


Snake-Oil Owen – what is the little weasel up to now?





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