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Gabriella Meghan's Debut Novel 'As Told By Us' Explores Toxic Relationships

Romance and murder are weaved throughout this story.


Author Gabriella Meghan writes a captivating story of romance and murder in her debut novel, As Told By Us.

After four years of being bullied in high school, Layla Crimson moves to a small lesbian community in Chattanooga to discover herself and come to terms with her true identity. Once there, she quickly becomes the town’s “It Girl”, experiencing love and lust as she weaves her way in and out of relationships with an assortment of young women. But just as she is thriving in her newfound freedom, a string of mysterious suicides among her inner circle of friends threatens to lead Layla toward a twisted journey of undeniable fate.

Set in a world not often explored in today’s literature, As Told By Us is inspired by a real world Gabriella first discovered at 18-years old.

“Like Layla, I was bullied through high school and was determined to reinvent myself,” she explains. “When I left home for college, I immersed myself into the local lesbian community and soon found myself completely turned on my head.”

Gabriella recounts the community she entered as a harsh, chaotic and malicious one; rampant with sex, addiction and mental illness.  

She recalls a passionate affair with one woman, in particular who struggled with alcohol, pills, an undiagnosed bipolar disorder and anger issues. “I loved her so much and was determined to take on her demons. That was my first mistake. I didn’t realise I had my own demons to tame. We all do.”

A graduate of Le Moyne College in Syracuse, New York, Gabriella credits her clinical depression and anxiety with being the creative breeding ground for her writing.

                                                                                                        Gabriella Meghan 

“Every person fights a daily war within themselves. It’s how we choose to fight the war that matters.” Choosing to fight her disorders through writing, Gabriella has regularly posted material on her poetry blog, ‘Life As We Know It’ since 2010.

“My hope is that readers, especially those trapped in a toxic relationship, will take As Told By Us to heart and realise that life is about going through hell and back. It’s up to us to look at every mountain life throws our way as a challenge we can and will conquer.”

For more information and to connect with Gabriella Meghan visit her Official Website, Twitter, and Instagram

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