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Australian Songwriter And Composer Christina Green's Eclectic Sound

“Write to the truth of your vision.” – Christina Green


Tracey Chandler

Christina Green is a talented singer, songwriter and composer based in Melbourne, working with a range of instruments including piano, guitar, ukulele, hand percussion, and electric bass, who performs and records much of her own music.  A range of her work including both folk/acoustic songs and composed works can be heard on her SoundCloud page. 

Songs such as "At Spider House", "No Permanent Address" and "Irene Warehouse" tell stories ranging from the local to the global, while "Eileen’s Vision" for percussion and spoken word (a setting of a poem by New York-based lesbian poet Eileen Myles) is striking composed work that grabs your attention immediately. 

Christina speaks passionately about her love for her music and her place in the LGBT community. She feels that her music resonates within the community, and happily shares her thoughts on her place in the community.

“I pitch my songs in the folk scene, and want to be visible as a lesbian, to be accepted as that. I want my music, with all of its content,to be in the mainstream. A number of my songs are about the fabric of lesbian life,” she says.

Christina shares something of her songwriting process and goes on to say:

“I virtually never write a song from the music first; to write a song I need a substantial and viable idea, a subject.  In my songwriting in the acoustic folk genre, I try to develop the music and the words together…  My songs tell stories of people or events that have moved me, and bring together politics, spirituality, quirky vignettes and tales, and personal stories with emotional layers.”

Christina's compositional style combines influences from 20th century classical music, minimalism, jazz, world music and medieval music. She has had works performed by a range of ensembles and soloists in Australia, the UK and the US, and is the primary performer of her solo piano music, which effectively fuses classical and jazz elements.

Christina’s music falls on the ear without being abrupt and without confrontation. The sounds of her classical pieces are fresh with textures and colours that leave you wanting more. Her folk songs tell tales which stay etched in your mind after they have come to an end, asking the listener to return and explore further. Christina’s music crosses boundaries and opens up the unknown. She is encouraging to musicians who are building their craft, and shares her thoughts on how to keep going for the long haul:

“Listen and read, and never stop taking in. Go with what feels like it has energy for you. Be inspired by other artists and practitioners. Write to the truth of your vision.”

To listen to Christina’s wide-ranging music, visit her SoundCloud page. For information about her upcoming performances, have a browse at her official website.

Hanli is a freelance creative and academic writer and is currently busy with her PhD studies in music at Western Sydney University. She is a guitarist, composer, novelist and has a strong interest in the psychology of music. Her first novel is currently being edited and will be published in due course. To find out more about Hanli you can visit her website

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