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Ruby Rose Went Into Lockdown During London Terror, Sense8 Cancelled

Plus Ellen crashes Tig's set.


Ellen Degeneres Crashes Tig Notaros Show

When your friend @TheEllenShow returns to standup after 15 years and decides to do so at your @LargoLosAngeles show last night...

Last week, I reported that Ellen DeGeneres is returning to stand up for an upcoming Netflix special. It seems that she’s ready to return ASAP. During a Tig Notaro show in Largo last week, DeGeneres surprised and delighted audiences by taking the stage to test some new material. Yes. Also: can we get a Notaro/DeGeneres collaboration? A buddy comedy? Anything? 


Brown Girls” Scores HBO Development Deal

Via Instgram

The creators of Brown Girls, a comedic webseries about the romantic lives of straight and queer WOC, just scored a development deal with HBO. Written, directed, and starring women of color, Brown Girls earned critical acclaim when the seven episode series debuted in February. While a development deal isn’t a guarantee that the show will come to HBO, it is an impressive first step in getting this groundbreaking show on TV. 


Ruby Rose And Girlfriend In London During Terrorist Attacks

Via @jessicaveronica

Ruby Rose and Jessica Origliasso were shaken but unharmed by Saturday night’s London terrorist attacks. The couple went into lockdown after terrorists killed seven and injured forty eight on London Bridge and in Borough Market. Five hours after the attacks, Rose tweeted: 


I'm lost for words but please know I am currently safe in London in lockdown with @Jessicaveronica -Absolutely tragic and frightening night.

Sense8 Cancelled

Via Instagram

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. As Brown Girls rises, Sense8 perishes. Netflix has cancelled the trans-helmed, queer friendly show after only two seasons and a holiday special. Fans took to social media to express their grief and outrage at the loss of a breathtakingly original show that shattered barriers for LGBTQ representation. Although Netflix did not cite a reason for the cancellation, speculation abounds. One probable factor was cost. Sense8 required a massive budget of about $9 million per episode, making it more expensive per episode than the first five seasons of Game of Thrones. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings recently stated that he’s looking to take more risks and cancel more shows if they fall short of viewership expectations. Fans of Sense8 hope the show can find a new home on another network. 


Caitlin Stasey Stands Up For Sex Workers

Via @caitlinjstasey69

June 2nd was International Sex Workers Day, and Caitlin Stasey took to Instagram to show her support. The pansexual, sex-positive actress firmly expressed the importance of including sex worker rights in feminist discourse. “If your feminism does not extend to sex workers, their right to safety, dignity and acceptance your feminism is blahmenism,” Stasey wrote. “Sex workers are not your scape goats, your teachers or your enemies, they are self sustaining entrepreneurs and we should all wish them lucrative and secure destinies.”


Pride Month Essays Sparkle At PopSugar

It’s Pride month. Have you heard? Of course you’ve heard. Everyone has heard. Popsugar is celebrating Pride by publishing essays from various LGBTQ writers, creators, and activists about Pride all month long. The diverse collection includes lesbian contributions from Go Editor Trish Bendix, GLAAD President Sarah Kate Ellis, and YA Author Lisa Freeman. 


Angela Robinson Working On Wonder Woman Creation Biopic

Angela Robinson, the out director behind D.E.B.S. and episodes of The L Word, is directing a biopic on the origins of the Wonder Woman story. Entitled Professor Marston & The Wonder Women, the project will be released by lesbian owned Annapurna Pictures. 


Pride Is A Fashion Show So Here Is Your Shopping Guide

Via @boboacademy

Are you ready for Pride? I know it’s a protest, and we are expected to mill about solemnly instead of drunk dancing in rainbow bikinis. Trump is President. Fun is over. I get it. But who says we can’t look cute while angrily waving our fists? Inexpensive mainstream retailers are hopping aboard the Pride wagon to make that sweet gay cash and I am here for it. Here is my very short list of inexpensive pride gear you can order online or pick up at your closest dying mall:

American Eagle


Urban Outfitters

BoBo Academy - *lesbian owned* 



Rainbow Depot


Wanda Sykes Is In The New Broad City Trailer

Comedy Central just dropped the trailer for Season 4 of Broad City, and it looks wild. We can anticipate:

Strap Ons

Wanda Sykes


Characters becoming cartoons


Florida guns



And oh so much more. August 23rd can’t come quickly enough. 


Carmilla Movie Kicks Off Filming

Via Instagram

Carmilla, the lesbian vampire webseries that became an absolute sensation, lives on. Although the series concluded last year, the highly anticipated Carmilla movie began filming last week in Toronto. The movie is available for pre-order and set to release in Fall 2017. 


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