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Nice Try Sportsbet

But we see right through your fake ally façade.


via Sportsbet


Media outlets around the country today received a media release from Sportsbet. The email detailed how “punters strongly support marriage equality” with a 55% majority of bets placed on a Yes outcome of the postal vote over a No.


Skipping over the fact that a 55% majority is not evidence of ‘strong support’,  this ethical nightmare of a move is merely an attempt for Sportsbet to remedy its public image.


Sportsbet has been featured a lot in the media recently surrounding the new regulations in place regarding sign-up incentives.


Sportsbet seeming to be proud of it’s Yes punters is clearly a Band-Aid over its Community Concern Issue.


It says a lot about Sportsbet that its media department thought that it would be appropriate to call upon journalists to celebrate the members of the public making money off a vote on people’s human rights.


It’s a gross misinterpretation of our experience, and is yet another instance of commercial companies incorrectly using activism for advertising.



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