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Marriage Equality: #JustSayYes

This Thunderclap campaign calls on Australia to allow a free vote on marriage equality.


Join the Thunderclap campaign calling on the Australian Government to allow a free vote on marriage equality.

The list of countries that enshrine equal marriage in law is growing. Now, the Australian LGBTI Awards have organised a Thunderclap campaign respectfully calling on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to call for a conscience vote in Parliament as soon as possible.

There should be no legal barriers to love, and a modern, forward thinking country like Australia should not discriminate against LGBTI people simply because of who they love.

A failure to extend LGBTI people the legal protections of marriage as well as the opportunity to make a public statement of their love is unfair, discriminatory and reflects poorly on our nation.

A series of opinion polls show the majority of the public support equal marriage. Australia is already behind with other countries already enshrining equal marriage into law. These countries include the USA, Canada, Britain, South Africa, New Zealand, Mexico and even traditionally Catholic countries like Ireland.

By signing up to the Thunderclap campaign, a simultaneous coordinated message will be sent out to all of your Twitter and Facebook followers at a pre-set time. This allows the campaign to reach a larger amount of people.

To learn more about #JustSayYes, click here

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