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Halsey and Lauren Jauregui Drop Love Song, Ellen Degeneres Gets A Netflix Standup Special

Plus, are the World OutGames the next FyreFest?


Supergirl Losing One Half of Lesbian Couple

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Sanvers fans, drape yourselves in black and howl into the wind: your ship is sinking. Floriana Lima, who plays Detective Maggie Sawyer and Alex Danvers girlfriend on Supergirl, has been downgraded from “series regular” to “recurring.” In real talk, that means viewers will be seeing far less of Sawyer in Season 3. Last Season ended with a cliff hanger: Danvers proposed to Sawyer and Sawyer just smiled. Sadder still, it was Sawyer who made the choice to step away from Supergirl. “We adore Floriana and have loved working with her to tell this inspiring story, “the producers said in a statement. “Although she’s not available to us as a series regular next season, as she’s looking to pursue other opportunities, we’re happy she’ll be returning for multiple episodes in Season 3.”


Halsey And Lauren Jauregui’s New Love Song “Strangers” Is Out

She doesn't kiss me on the mouth anymore

'Cause it's more intimate than she thinks we should get

She doesn't look me in the eyes anymore

Too scared of what she'll see, somebody holding me…


So croons Halsey in the first lyrics of “Strangers,” her hotly anticipated collaboration with fellow bisexual pop star Lauren Jauregui (Fifth Harmony). Despite its rapid beat, “Strangers” brims with gay (or bi) angst. It’s about falling for a girl who just wants to hook up and missing someone who doesn’t call. Strangers is a plaintive grasp for intimacy that comes too late. I wanted to roll my eyes, but I couldn’t. If only Halsey and Lauren Jauregui were around years ago, when I fell in love with a straight girl. I could have joined the thousands of baby lesbians who will pine to the first mainstream song about the inevitable tragedy of falling for a straight girl. 


Lesbian Drama On The Tennis Court

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Australian tennis icon-turned-extremist pastor Margaret Court slammed fellow player and out lesbian Casey Dellacqua in a vicious statement last week. Casey Dellacqua recently had her second child with partner Amanda Judd. After seeing the birth announcement in a newspaper, Court wrote a savage letter to the editor, saying, “It is with sadness that I see that this baby has seemingly been deprived of a father. If we continue to dismantle the traditional family unit... we will create a fatherless generation... Personally, I have nothing against Casey Dellacqua or her ‘partner,' I simply want to champion the rights of the family over the rights of the individual.”

It takes a special kind of asshole to use a child’s birth as an excuse to call you a bad parent because you’re gay. Dellacqua responded with enormous class and restraint, simply tweeting “Margaret. Enough is enough,” alongside a picture of the newspaper clip. 


Mary Lambert's "Know Your Name" Video Features Sara Ramirez And All Her Queer Besties

Know Your Name (Official Video) by Mary Lambert on VEVO.

Mary Lambert just dropped the first music video from new album, Bold. Know Your Name is a fierce, dance infused song about “crush at first sight.” The video takes place in an arcade filled with queer women (TAKE ME THERE), and Lambert describes the video as a “love letter to nerd culture.” Watch the video above and check out the interview in the next issue of Curve. 


Are The WorldOut Games The Next Fyre Fest?

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Amidst fraud allegations, the organizers of Miami’s World OutGames cancelled the event at the last possible minute, citing financial concerns. Participants were informed of the event’s cancellation just 24 hours before the opening ceremony, leaving participants and guests who traveled to Miami for the event adrift and angry. According to the Miami Herald, participants were told the event was cancelled with this brief statement via email:

“It is with deep regret that due to financial burdens, World OutGames must cancel its sports programming and Opening and Closing Ceremony with the exception of soccer, aquatics and country western dance. The Human Rights Conference and cultural programs will continue as planned. We thank everyone who has supported the effort and apologize to those who will be impacted by this difficult decision.”

Miami officials almost immediately called for an investigation, saying that they’d been skeptical for months about whether The WorldOut Games could deliver on their high promises.

“We’re very disappointed and very frustrated because we saw it coming,” Miami Beach City Manager Jimmy Morales said. “We talked to them about it and they refused to sort of moderate their expectations. The frustrating thing is, if they canceled three or four months ago it would have been bad, but nobody would have gone out of their way to be here already.”

Miami Beach Police and the State Attorney’s Office announced they were opening a fraud investigation “due to the potential misappropriation of funds.” The WorldOut Games fall from grace was swift and brutal. Just a few weeks ago, organizers boasted projections of over 2,000 athletes and more than 3,500 visitors and participants for the accompanying human rights conference.

I smell Fyre. 


Yara Makes Out In The New GOT Trailer

Yara Greyjoy is the lesbian pirate Queen of my fondest dreams and the only canon lesbian in the Game of Thrones universe. Alas, as a supporting character in a massive cast, I don’t get to see her on screen as much as I’d like. Happily, the latest trailer for Game of Thrones upcoming penultimate (*SOB*) season hints that Yara will not only continue to be a major player, but get some much deserved romance.

An ever so brief snippet from the trailer shows Yara and Ellaria Sand sharing a deep kiss. The two met at the end of last season when they joined Daenerys’ campaign to conquer Westeros. Ellaria (who is bisexual) wants to avenge the death of her partner Oberyn Martell. Yara is out to take back the Salt Throne of the Iron Islands. Both women are deadly, scheming, and determined. I ship it. One teensy concern... Ellaria has been known to lace her lips with poison. That’s how she killed Cersei’s daughter, Myrcella Baratheon. If Yara dies because she kissed the wrong woman so help me God I will flip this table over. 


Diora Baird Comes Out

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Diora Baird, a stunning actress known best for her roles in Shameless, Wedding Crashers, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, has come out. In this month’s issue of The Advocate, Baird talked candidly about her relationship with female comedian Mav Viola:

“It took me years to accept who I truly was. I tried to be what was expected of me, but I have reached the point where I don’t want to hide anymore. In all my relationships with men, I knew something was missing and I finally figured out what that something is … I am meant to be in a relationship with a woman. I met Mav on a dating app, Bumble, but she didn’t know that she was still on it. I reached out and messaged her and asked her on a date, which was filmed for a documentary I’m working on with Nikki Weiss based on the book Sexual Fluidity by Lisa Diamond. It was the first time I ever asked someone out. We have been in a relationship for six months, and I know without a doubt she is my person.”


Ilana Glazer & Zoë Kravitz Are Ex Lovers In Rough Night

Via out.com

Rough Night, an upcoming female-driven comedy about a bachelorette party gone wrong, will feature queer intrigue. Out Magazine reports that Ilana Glazer and Zoë Kravitz will play “ex college sweethearts, Frankie and Blair, who still have a soft spot for each other.” Add Kate McKinnon to the mix and Rough Night is better and better. 


Ellen Degeneres Standup Special Coming To Netflix

Via Instagram

Ellen Degeneres is coming to Netflix with a new stand up special. The streaming service and comedy giant made the deal in the most public of arenas: Twitter. Seriously. In lieu of the behind-closed-doors sausage making usually favored by Hollywood, Netflix lured in Ellen by begging her to do a special on social media. After demurring a bit, Ellen agreed with the tweet heard round the internet.

If this happens, it will be Ellen’s first standup special in fifteen years. All because of some faceless social media slack who could. Someone deserves a promotion. 


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