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Halsey Is The First Woman To Have A #1 Album In 2017

Plus, Cynthia Nixon wins a Tony, Kate McKinnon covers Elle


Halsey Earns Billboard #1 Album In 2017

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Halsey’s “hopeless fountain kingdom” hit number one on the Billboard charts, making her the first woman to earn in #1 album in 2017. That’s an incredible feat for a bisexual, bipolar, biracial artist. Halsey wrote and executive produced every song on the album.


Vogue Profiles Beth Ditto’s Style Evolution

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Vogue is salivating over the style of a fat lesbian and pigs are flying. Vogue profiled the Gossip singer’s style evolution over the last decade. She is consistently fearless.


Miley Cyrus Releases Pride-Themed Track, Dresses As 90’s Tellytubby


I’m having a hard time understanding this song because I have a fever and drank some Dayquil and now the world is muffled. Last weekend was LA Pride, from which I am still hungover. I also turn 28 tomorrow and accidentally adopted a kitten who may or may not have leukemia. So yeah, Miley Cyrus has a new song. It’s called “Inspired” and it is allegedly inspired by Pride. I couldn’t get through the song because my ears are filled with fluid and it’s Miley Cyrus, whose voice sounds like gargling salt water. In the cover art, Miley’s wearing a hideous early 90’s rainbow striped top that I pray to God does not become trendy.


Ani Difranco releases Video For New Song Binary”


I didn’t listen to this song because it’s called binary and I can’t. I really can’t. Is Ani Difranco trying to be modern? Did she watch Transparent and think “hmm maybe I too can win awards if I start discussing the binary through MUSIC?” This is either a painfully sincere stab at taking on gender through music or a crass attempt to pander to the younger queers, and either way it makes me uncomfortable.


Cynthia Nixon Won ATony


Yayyyy Miranda! How much does it suck for Cynthia Nixon that no matter what she does, she will be defined by her SATC character? Even become a lesbian? Don’t pity Cynthia/Miranda too deeply, she just won a Tony! And not just any Tony. A BIG TONY. Cynthia Nixon won the Tony Award for Best Performance By An Actress In A Featured Role In A Play for her work in Lillian Hellman's The Little Foxes. Congratulations for making it through that sentence.


Kate McKinnon Is On The Cover Of Elle

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Kate McKinnon joined the incredibly short list of lesbians who have graced the cover of Elle Magazine. In the July issue, she is interviewed by fellow SNL alum Tina Fey about impressions, politics, and developing a movie career. I’m subscribing now.


Freja Is On The Cover Of Vogue China

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Freja Beha, OG lesbian supermodel and number one on my dream hit it list, is back. After reaching peak model (Vogue covers, international fame, lavish wealth) several years ago, Freja took a sojourn from the spotlight to do whatever models do in their free time. Have sex with literally anyone you desire? Find nirvana in Nepal? Acquire just the faintest hint of a tummy, then immediately collapse in self-loathing? Whatever she was up to, it has not diminished Freja’s otherworldly beauty or palpable cool. I hope we’ll see more of the notoriously secretive supermodel in the coming months.


Tegan And Sara Announce The Con” 10th Anniversary Tour

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Can you believe it’s been ten whole years since Tegan and Sara released THE most important slate of lesbian writings since Sappho? I feel old. Tegan and Sara are celebrating with a full-blown “The Con X: Tour,” going down this October and November. They’ll perform "acoustic and intimate arrangements of all 14 of the album's songs, followed by a selection of fan favorites." Part of the proceeds will go to the Tegan and Sara Foundation. You can buy your tickets here.


Cara Delevingne Forgot Her Pants

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Just kidding! It’s fashion, baby. At a Save The Elephants (who else?) benefit, Cara wore a sheer teal gown over a bum grazing onesie. She looks like a lesbian mermaid, erupting from the waves.


Kristen Stewart And Stella Maxwell Are Twinsies

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The urge to merge is real, ya’ll. Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell showed off their very best gazillion dollar leather jackets while holding hands in an airport. Just look at that glowing skin. That’s what separates you and I from Stella and Kristen. Glowing skin in an airport. 


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