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Do Openly Gay Public Figures Like Ian Thorpe Matter? They Sure Do

"Australian Lesbian and Gay Life Stories" are interviewing 60 gay and lesbian people across Australia in order to investigate what it has been like to live a LGBT life at a time when social attitudes towards homosexuality have shifted significantly.

Fictional Characters Which I Definitely Had A Crush On

There are certain little memories/ lost feelings that do suddenly come back and actually make a whole load of sense when it finally dawns on you that you are in fact a lesbian

As seen LOTL Magazine: Still Thirsty

After more than 30 years on the music charts, Melissa Etheridge is still our elixir of choice.

As seen LOTL Magazine: The Wild One

Pioneering rock chick Suzi Quatro returns.

Up Close With Joan As Police Woman

When she hears the name of this publication she lets out a huge laugh “because, hello, lesbians are on the loose. Yes they are!”

Top Lesbian Pairings On TV Right Now

It’s a lesbian love fest on our screens.

The Interview That Was Almost Conducted In Haiku

If you didn't already have a crush on Charmaine Bingwa...

Pamela Rabe: Out Of Wentworth And Onto The Stage

We talk the difference between Joan Ferguson, Draco Malfoy, and King Joffrey.

Hear Her Roar

Beccy Cole’s latest album “Lioness” is nothing short of stunning. A collection of self-penned, personal and poignant songs perfectly displaying Cole’s strength of character, huge heart and razor sharp wit.

Getting To Know Rachel Paulson

As seen in our Summer issue!

Girl Next Door - Ollie Henderson

As seen in our Winter issue!

Mastering Her Game - How Golfer Mianne Bagger Went Pro

As seen in our Winter issue!

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