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Archive of: Humour

Victoria’s LGBTI Communities Celebrated In Digital Exhibitions

Both exhibitions include films, images, posters, and audio.

Lacie And Robin: High Lesbian History

Billie Jean King and the battle of the sexes.

The Lesbian Legacy Of Radclyffe Hall

Radclyffe Hall was more than a lesbian trailblazer; she was ahead of her time.

The Story Of Pioneering Mountain Climber Emmeline Freda Du Faur

This Australian was the first woman to summit New Zealand's Mount Cook.

You Can Explore New LGBTQ History Archives Online

The new 'Archives of Human Sexuality and Identity' - which span decades and languages - are available online and waiting to be explored.

Billie Holiday: Profile Of A Legendary Musician

Holiday’s legendary jazz music defines a generation.

Lacie And Robin Present Drunk Lesbian History

In honour of Women's History Month, Lacie and Robin highlight a famous lesbian from recent history.

A Love Story: Butch Comedian Lea Delaria Is A Triple Threat

Delaria was the first openly gay comic to break through the late night talk show barrier.

Lesbian Desire Across The Ages: From Insane To Cult Hero

Stretch your mind back to the 1900s, when lesbian desire meant you were medically insane and likely to be dragged off to the asylum.

Intimate Histories: Lesbians In Australia Since 1945

Dr Rebecca Jennings shares her work on how ‘lesbian histories of intimacy’ have developed in Australia over the past several decades.

Research Being Conducted Into The History Of LGBTI People In The Australian Military

Lesbians have made and continue to make an important contribution to Australia’s defence force. A research project wants to look into their stories.

Sara Josephine Baker: Lesbian Scientific Idol From History

This lesbian scientist changed the face of public health forever.

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