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The Start Of Something Big

Alex and Frankie’s work in couples counselling leads Frankie on an inner journey that transforms her relationship with the outer world.

Down Came The Rain

Alex and Frankie head to couples counselling to face the issues that are fracturing their relationship.

Louder. Prouder. Stronger.

As tragedy strikes the LGBT community, Alex and Frankie learn that the only way to defeat hate is to let love win.

'The Space Between Us'

Alex returns home to look after her ailing grandmother and learns that a lot can change in thirteen years.

The Italian Odyssey

As Frankie prepares to sit the exam that will change her life, Alex discovers the reality of life in modern Italy.

The Perfect Celebration Of Us

With Alex by her side, Frankie prepares to fly to Italy to confront the final obstacle standing between her and her dream.

Sex and The Ex

When Frankie’s ex returns, Alex finds out where Frankie’s heart truly lies.

A Return To Hope

A wedding and a funeral allow Alex to remember that... Love wins.

The Love Letter

How do Alex and Frankie tell the people they love that they’re planning to leave?

The Proposal

When I ask my girlfriend to marry her, what does she say?

The Legacy Of Love

Our family history can affect us and our relationships in more ways than we realise.

The Trip To Italy

In Italy, my girlfriend gets in touch with her past as well as her future. Where does that leave me?

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