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Is Caster Semenya's Gold Medal Win A Victory

Controversy ignites over South African middle-distance runner Caster Semenya and her right to run as a woman.

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi Pays Tribute To Lesbian Civil Rights Activist

Civil rights activist Alessia Ballini inspired Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to fight for LGBTI rights.

Report On LGBTI Rights In The Commonwealth Concludes That Progress Is Slow

New research shows that though incremental gains are being made, discrimination against LGBT people is still rife among Commonwealth countries including Australia.

Italian Senate Passes Landmark Bill Allowing Civil Unions For Same-Sex Couples

The Italian senate has approved a bill allowing civil unions for same-sex couples after a controversial compromise removed the step-child adoption clause.

Italy’s First Lesbian Romantic Comedy Helps The Fight For Equality

Italy’s first lesbian rom-com has been released as the country fights the Catholic Church on civil unions for same-sex couples.

Coming Out With Lauren Augarten, Creator Of 2016 Lesbian Web Series Scissr

Lauren Augarten, creator of the lesbian web series Scissr, shares her experiences growing up and coming out in her “enormous, amazing, supportive” Jewish family.

Slovenia Repeals Marriage Equality

Voters decided to end the law passed by the country’s parliament.

Same-Sex Marriage In The European Union And Bulgaria

Following Europe's journey to marriage equality.

Where Does The Division Lie In Our Larger Identities?

Global pandemic of fear has us forgetting we are all in this together.

Queering Cultural Appropriation

Making queer culture "Pop"

Instagram's New Lesbian Webseries

2 girls, 1 lift, 100 10 second episodes.

First Lesbian Kiss Airs On Indian Television

The reaction to the kiss has been mixed.

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