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Book Reviews: History

The Liberators Of Willow Run By Marianne K. Martin

Some books are important to read, to feel, to remember.

Annabel Fielding's The Pearl And The Carnelian

Become engrossed in a disturbing tale of ill-thought ambition.

Historical Lesbian Romance In Jae's 'Shaken To The Core'

In an excellent historical lesbian romance, two strong women are drawn together.

Elizabeth Andre's 'The Time Slip Girl'

Falling through time back to 1908

"Jam on the Vine" – LaShonda Katrice Barnett

Sometimes the only way to right wrongs is to write about them...

The Farmer’s Daughter – Robbi McCoy

This novel beams us back into the American Hobo-Age and Tinsel Town’s "best" years.

Barbara Castle-Farmer's "On My Way to Happy and Gay"

A journey to acceptance and understanding of self, starting in 1960s South Africa, at a time where LGBTI visibility was virtually non-existent.

Robyn Talley's "Lies We Tell Ourselves

It's high school during the Civil Rights Movement, can affection transcend complexion for a black girl and a white girl?

Sandra Moran's "The Addendum"

Make sure you read "Nudge" first...

Finding Eve

Lilith & Eve Explore Each Others Bodies at the Pool

Eating Fire: My Life as a Lesbian Avenger by Kelly Cogswell

Kelly Cogswell’s memoir is a thoroughly readable and rollicking ride through her life as an activist and original Lesbian Avenger.

Secret City by Julia Watts

This novel shows how difficult it was for women to come of age, let alone to come out and what a challenge it was for women to live an independent life.

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